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11 Min
A Complete List of Leadership Book Recommendations for Women, by Women Today, more and more leadership books written by women earn their rightful spots on bestseller lists. And with good reason.
4 Min
8 Ways Investors Can Help Portfolio Companies Build DEIB Into Their Hiring Strategies Building a more equitable and diverse workforce has been proven to drive better business outcomes and build happier, more productive workplace …
2 Min
Meet 3 Black Founders Who Are Driving Change and Elevating Communities Black founders are outperforming their counterparts, building businesses faster than ever before. It’s surprising then to discover that they received …
3 Min
The Value of Hiring with Diversity in Mind Organizations that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workforce are statistically proven to drive better business outcomes and …
hiring manager shuffling through papers in an interview
2 Min
4 Latinx Founded and Led VCs Shaping the Future of Venture Investing Over the course of four years, Latinx founders grew their employment at a rate twice as fast as non-Latinx founders. Generating $460 billion in …
group of professionals sitting around a laptop
2 Min
6 Changemaking Latinx Entrepreneurs to Celebrate During Hispanic Heritage Month Latinx businesses have made up half of all net new business growth over the last ten years, despite unfair access to capital. According to a Small …
collage of 6 latinx entrepreneurs
3 Min
3 Key Learnings from the Illinois Diversity Council’s Annual LGBTQ+ Unity Summit In the US it is estimated that of 154.458 million people currently employed, approximately 9.88 million identify themselves as members of the LGBTQ+ …
pride flag
2 Min
4 VCs Investing in LGBTQIA+ Business   Of the $1.8 trillion venture capital raised in 2021, $13 billion, went to LGBTQ+ founders, Startout reported in their Startout Pride Economic …
LGBTQIA-led company logos
7 Min
Q&A: Black Startup Leaders on Juneteenth & the Power of Giving Back A century and a half ago in Texas on June 19, 1865, enslaved African Americans were told by Major General Gordon Granger that they were free …
black startup leaders
8 Min
Building an Equitable Workplace Culture Starts with Inclusive Job Descriptions Diversity, equity, and inclusion will remain one of the most important areas of focus for businesses in this ever-changing professional landscape. …
people surrounding a computer in an office
3 Min
7 LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurs Transforming Communities Companies are consistently looking for new ways to drive their competitive advantage. Many are finding that building diverse teams can help their …
collage of lgbtq-entrepreneurs
2 Min
5 Top Black VC Firms Redefining Venture Capital The startup ecosystem needs venture capital to thrive. With that understanding, there has been a stark contrast between who receives and provides …
5 venture capital firms logos in a collage
6 Min
Getting Around Primacy Bias In Interviewing and Recruiting Hiring is supposed to be the coldly objective methodology that provides you with the best people for all your open roles. However, if your recruiting …
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