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5 Min
From Vision to Execution: The Chief Product Officer Job Description There are a lot of challenges that come along with seeing a product from start to finish.
female business leader pointing to paper on desk with two colleagues paying attention
5 Min
What's the Best e-Commerce Platform for Startups? An e-commerce platform is a website builder you can use to create an online store.
group of office workers sitting at table in a meeting with coffee, a laptop, and documents
5 Min
How Much Should a VP of Product Management Equity Grant Be? Because most startups are cash-strapped, founders use equity grants to compensate for salaries that are lower than what more mature companies can …
product manager in an open office with sunlight
5 Min
Product Manager Job Description: What Does a Product Manager Do? Is the position of a product manager on your company’s list of hiring needs? Perhaps your business needs someone to command the direction of your …

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