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Market Report: Leadership Expectations Are Evolving — Get Unstuck From a Growth-At-All-Costs Mindset With a staggering 48% year-over-year decline in U.S. VC funding in Q2 2023, the entrepreneurial ecosystem finds itself at a crossroads, prompting …
6 Min
From Funding to Flourishing: Guide To Building VC Platform Teams The odds are stacked against entrepreneurs, founders, and startups in today’s world of venture capital. For starters, statistics show that “more than …
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3 Min
VC Platform Global Summit Teaches Us That Access to Talent is a New Form of Currency 3 Talent Partners Share Key Insights at the VC Platform Global Summit
3 Min
Diversity in the VC World Co-Founder at Supply Change Capital Shares Inspiring Story for Female-Led Funds
4 Min
8 Ways Investors Can Help Portfolio Companies Build DEIB Into Their Hiring Strategies Building a more equitable and diverse workforce has been proven to drive better business outcomes and build happier, more productive workplace …
2 Min
4 Latinx Founded and Led VCs Shaping the Future of Venture Investing Over the course of four years, Latinx founders grew their employment at a rate twice as fast as non-Latinx founders. Generating $460 billion in …
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2 Min
4 VCs Investing in LGBTQIA+ Business Of the $1.8 trillion venture capital raised in 2021, $13 billion, went to LGBTQ+ founders, Startout reported in their Startout Pride Economic Impact …
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2 Min
4 Top Venture Capital Firms Driving Change, Investing in Our Planet The theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest in Our Planet, a call for governments, businesses and individuals to invest in a better future for the planet.
5 Min
Angel Investing vs. Venture Capital: What Founders Should Know Making the best financial decisions for your growing business or startup requires a clear understanding of the nuances for different financing …
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4 Min
10 Top Female Venture Capitalists Breaking the Bias According to 2021 PitchBook data, startups founded solely by women in the U.S. raised $6.4 billion of venture funding, up 83% from 2020. Although …
2 Min
5 Top Black VC Firms Redefining Venture Capital The startup ecosystem needs venture capital to thrive. With that understanding, there has been a stark contrast between who receives and provides …
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3 Min
2021's Record-Breaking Venture Capital Year Fuels Startups into 2022 Experts can confidently predict that inflation will continue into 2022, putting historically low interest rates at risk and driving some consumer …
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5 Min
Private Equity vs. Venture Capital: How to Fuel Your Startup Sometimes, people confuse venture capital with private equity. However, there are significant differences between these two concepts.
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5 Min
Why Seek Out Venture Capital For Your Startup? Venture capital financing can be an excellent way to turn your startup dream into a vibrant reality if done for the right reasons. When starting a …
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5 Min
What Is a Venture Partner? An Overview If you’re hoping to secure venture capital funding, you’ll need to know what a venture partner is. These are the individuals who help determine …
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