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9 Min
Startup CEO vs. Enterprise CEO: Where the Lines Are Drawn & Where They Blur 10 years ago, top executive talent — CEOs especially — had a firm understanding of exactly where they belonged. Some knew they thrived in a small …
woman in glasses smiling in foreground and male colleague smiling behind her in background while holding a pen and paper
2 Min
York IE, Hunt Club Partner to Help Tech Companies Win Top Talent (Manchester, N.H., July 25) — As strategic, efficient business models replace the growth-at-all-costs approach, more tech companies are prioritizing …
York IE and Hunt Club partnership announcement banner
4 Min
The Surprising Pros and Cons of Competition For Startup Businesses Starting a business is no easy task. It goes without saying that the number of topics you need to be well-informed on if you want your business to …
group of diverse office workers meeting around documents with whiteboard in background
7 Min
10 Essential Recruiting Skills All the Best Recruiters Need To Have Recruiting can be an intensely competitive business — especially if you’re searching for the best talent to fill roles in growing companies. That’s …
female recruiter sitting with laptop and smiling while on the phone
4 Min
Chief Operating Officer (COO) Job Description & Responsibilities For Startups & Beyond A Chief Operating Officer (COO) plays a crucial role in an organization’s short and long-term success by overseeing daily operations and devising …
A chief operating officer executive working at their desk.
2 Min
Meet 3 Black Founders Who Are Driving Change and Elevating Communities Black founders are outperforming their counterparts, building businesses faster than ever before. It’s surprising then to discover that they received …
6 Min
The 5 Best Startup Recruiter Services You Should Try Starting a new business is never easy, regardless of the industry you're in. In fact, it's reported that only about 80% of startups survive past the …
Group of business professionals sitting around table, two are exchanging high-fives.
4 Min
How to Hire a Project Manager for Your Startup At evolving startups, new projects are one constant founders can always expect to see in the pipeline. As companies grow, the leadership team is …
project managers in a meeting
7 Min
Q&A: Black Startup Leaders on Juneteenth & the Power of Giving Back A century and a half ago in Texas on June 19, 1865, enslaved African Americans were told by Major General Gordon Granger that they were free …
black startup leaders
3 Min
7 LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurs Transforming Communities Companies are consistently looking for new ways to drive their competitive advantage. Many are finding that building diverse teams can help their …
collage of lgbtq-entrepreneurs
5 Min
Why You Need a Startup Advisor Let's say you're a startup founder with massive ambition and a to-do list a mile long. In that case, you probably hate those moments of paralyzing …
Man smiling in office with arms crossed and laptop behind him
5 Min
How to Run an Investor Data Room For Your Startup When a company was sold years ago, the enterprise acquiring it would ask to see financial and historical company documents as part of the due …
man sitting in front of laptop with hand on chin
5 Min
Your 2021 Guide to Digital Marketing for Startups Marketing is something that nearly every business on the planet needs to consider if they want to not only get by but flourish in today's …
man sitting at desk on the phone with an open laptop in front of him
5 Min
What’s the Difference Between a Business Being Feasible vs. Viable? If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ve likely come across two related but slightly different concepts: feasibility and viability. The words …
woman in a dark room sitting on a chair with arms crossed
5 Min
What's the Best e-Commerce Platform for Startups? An e-commerce platform is a website builder you can use to create an online store.
group of office workers sitting at table in a meeting with coffee, a laptop, and documents
5 Min
The 5 Most Common Types of Startups (And Which One You Should Choose) The US is home to over 48,000 startups and is considered one of the most startup-friendly countries on the planet. However, with over 90% of all …
woman in gray blazer sitting in office and smiling
5 Min
Market Research for Startups: How Does It Work? Every startup needs to conduct market research if they ever hope to generate healthy revenue. It’s the foundation on which every business plan rests …
pregnant woman on phone holding her belly and looking at laptop with whiteboard behind her
6 Min
Does Microsoft for Startups Really Work? What’s Microsoft for startups?
man sitting with laptop on knees and chin on fist thinking and looking into distance
5 Min
Best Books for Startups - The Definitive List Are you a current entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level?
closeup portrait of man smiling slightly
6 Min
What Are Rollovers for Business Startups (ROBS)? Starting a business can be a costly affair, and one of the hurdles most prospective business owners face is securing adequate financing. The …
woman smiling and pointing her pen to a sticky note on the window and woman smiling in foreground
5 Min
Accounting for Startups 101: A Beginner's Guide While accounting might not be the first office process on your mind for your startup, it could just prove to be one of the most important.
woman sitting with a tablet in hands and three employees standing around her listening
5 Min
Why Seek Out Venture Capital For Your Startup? Venture capital financing can be an excellent way to turn your startup dream into a vibrant reality if done for the right reasons. When starting a …
three women sitting in front of computers talking to each other and smiling
7 Min
How to Build Your Startup's Company Message Crafting a compelling marketing message for your startup is almost as important as creating an in-demand product or service. You can’t seriously …
6 diverse office workers sitting and gathered around each other laughing in a meeting
6 Min
Is a Flat Organizational Structure Best for Startups? Ever since mass production became an integral part of the American economy, companies have increasingly adopted a hierarchical organizational …
man sitting down at laptop with his palms flat on the desk
5 Min
What is Hubspot for Startups, And Can It Help Your Business? These days, it’s no longer sufficient to have an extraordinary product or service. You must also have the people, processes, and tools in place to …
man standing and showing 2 sitting colleagues something on laptop
6 Min
What's the Best CRM for Startups in 2021? Do you need a CRM? Not every startup needs a CRM. For example, say you've just launched your company. In that case, you won’t have too much customer …
group of 4 professionals discussing something with an open laptop on table
6 Min
Channel Sales vs. Direct Sales: Which Is Better for Startups? If you’re a startup that manufactures goods, you’ll need to think about how you’ll get them to your customers. There are two different types of sales …
man smiling and holding a stylus and tablet
5 Min
5 Things New Startups Should Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs These days, it seems as though everyone has a burning desire to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit by starting their own company. For many, …
woman with glasses in gray blazer smiling in office
5 Min
How Startups Can Benefit From A Virtuous Cycle Most everyone is intimately familiar with the idea of a vicious circle. This is a repeating sequence of connected events in which each cycle …
woman and man sitting and high-fiving each other with laptops open in front of them
5 Min
What's the Average Series A Valuation For a Startup? If you're a startup founder, you probably know how vital a Series A can be to the future of your enterprise. A valuation is an integral part of this …
Two professionals, one is looking over documents while the other is talking.
5 Min
The 5 Best Startup Valuation Methods It’s exceedingly difficult to accurately determine a company’s value while it’s still in its infancy. That’s because its ultimate failure or success …
Woman smiling and working at computer.
5 Min
Finding Startup Talent on AngelList Ever heard of AngelList?
Woman happily working from desk.
5 Min
How to Use Pitchbook to Fundraise For Your Startup When it comes time to fundraise for your startup, there are many options. Some entrepreneurs like to use Pitchbook to find funding sources for their …
Woman happily looking through documents.
5 Min
How to Use Accel to Fundraise For Your Startup When you’re looking to raise funds with your startup, you have a dizzying number of options. Trying to narrow down the possibilities can be a …
Professional on a business video call.
6 Min
How to Use Carta to Fundraise For Your Startup There is no shortage of tools out there to help startups raise funds.
A professional working at a computer.
5 Min
Series A Valuation: Overview, Costs, Opportunities Most successful startups raise capital through rounds of external funding.
Group of professionals talking in a meeting.
7 Min
The Best Recruiting Process Any Startup Should Use For startup founders, hiring your first employees can be an incredibly exciting time.
Professional smiling at the camera.
6 Min
What’s the Best Startup Salary? And Other Questions About Compensation Learn how much startup employees make, how to negotiate the best salary you can, why salary isn't the most crucial thing when it comes to …
Two professionals smiling toward the camera.
5 Min
Joining a Startup: 9 Things You Need to Know For those prepared for hard work and are up for a challenge, there are few things as exhilarating as joining a startup.
Group of professionals working around a table.
5 Min
How to Build an A+ Hiring Plan for a Startup As a startup, one of the first challenges you’ll encounter is hiring the right people for your organization. It’s critical to craft a hiring plan for …
Two professionals exchanging a high five.
8 Min
How to Hire the First Sales Leader for Your Startup You've had a successful launch, your product or service is taking off, and now it's time to shift focus to acquiring new customers. This accelerating …
Sales leader smiling at the camera.

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