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The Submittable Strategy: Using Tech To Hire Tech Talent Leading social impact platform, Submittable, builds a digital team with critical tech & engineering roles to support growth and a new partnership …
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Diamonds in Disguise: The Untapped Potential in Passive vs. Active Candidates Talent acquisition. The bedrock of assembling an exceptional team equipped to take a company where it needs to go. At the same time, it’s an …
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In a Tough Job Market, Hunt Club’s Expert Network Cuts Through the Noise & Reaches 55% More High-Caliber Candidates As the economic landscape undergoes rapid changes, companies are facing significant challenges when it comes to hiring. Founders are reevaluating …
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How To Attract Top Talent With a Referral Bonus Program: A Recruiting Guide While job boards and social media like LinkedIn can help uncover qualified candidates, there’s another way to source top talent — enlisting the help …
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3 Min
What Is Network Recruiting? Across life, it’s often about ‘who you know.’ As humans we lean on others around us for support, advice, guidance - particularly if someone is a …
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When To Use Introductions vs. Referrals In the 2020 Job Seeker Nation Study, Jobvite reported that 31% of professionals found their current positions through their network. Whether a …
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3 Min
David Chang: From Serial Entrepreneur to Leading Hunt Club’s Expert Network With 30 years in the business of innovating, David Chang has made a name for himself as a changemaker and connector. As a serial entrepreneur of 6 …
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From Corporate to Kradle: Gerber CEO’s Fortuitous Path to Scaling a High-Growth Startup When Bill Partyka started his career in consumer products 35 years ago, he worked his way up into key executive level roles for massive global …
CEO of Gerber Baby Food, Bill Partyka
6 Min
The Dawn of a New Talent Age: 3 Leaders on How to Stay Competitive The definitions for traditional career trajectories and the expectations for what it means to be a qualified professional candidate have dramatically …
3 Min
The Power of a Trusted Introduction Through Hunt Club's Expert Network Only a few years ago, COVID-19 made it nearly impossible to imagine running into a former colleague in line at Starbucks or meeting for a lunch …
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Finding Startup Talent on AngelList Ever heard of AngelList?
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