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Construct Your Engineering Teams

Engineering and tech teams are the lifeblood of any organization’s product or tool. They’re innovators and architects who build and solve complex problems that advance companies and the industry as a whole.

Hunt Club helps source executive engineering and tech leaders who can maximize output and build from the ground up.


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Today’s engineers are building the future

From coding to guiding product development, top-tier engineering and tech professionals can quickly adapt to evolving business demands with a combination of deep technical skills and true leadership ingenuity.

In order to drive innovation and optimize output channels, top engineering candidates should demonstrate:


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Hire an engineering team to power innovation

Engineering and tech leaders oversee the building and maintenance of technical systems that keep your business moving forward.

Our Talent Advisors can help establish the right compensation packages and place engineers with the expertise to execute your strategies in roles such as:

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • SVP of Engineering
  • VP of Data Science
  • VP of Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Principal/Staff Software Engineer
  • Sr. iOS Engineer
  • Sr. Android Engineer
  • Back-End Engineer
  • Front-End Engineer
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • And more
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How Helen Greiner Wins

"Life should be lived in stages. So winning can also be raising great children, giving back with charity or mentoring work, or living your best life and encouraging others to do the same."

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