Talent Acquisition by Business Stage

Hire talent for where you are now — and where you want to go. From seed to IPO and beyond, Hunt Club helps you secure talent for every stage of business growth.

Early Stage

Building your founding team is a defining moment, and startups can’t afford to get it wrong.

While trust is an important factor in early hiring, simply tapping your own network might cause you to miss the people most capable of transforming your company. In the earliest stages, founders need:

  • Hands-on support with planning organizational structure and prioritizing roles
  • Help connecting with hard-to-reach candidates
  • Guidance on building out downstream teams

Hunt Club knows how to find leaders who can thrive in an environment without a playbook. Partner with our Talent Advisors to find the best possible candidates and early hires that will help define your organization.

Growth Stage

As you graduate from your series A or B funding, your hiring needs shift. You likely:

  • Are focused on finding committed senior leaders to expand your organization and deepen functional teams
  • Need seasoned professionals who know how to handle the challenges unique to this stage of growth

Finding the right fit is less about taking risks and more about finding driven builders who have successfully scaled teams in the past.

Our Talent Advisors have a vast array of experiences founding, building, and scaling growth stage companies. Their partnership offers expert insights on strategic hiring, compensation trends, DEIB initiatives, and more.


At an enterprise level, your executive team has a proven track record of running smooth, repeatable operations, while continuously finding ways to innovate and optimize.

Your ideal candidates are tactical subject matter experts who can:

  • Clearly identify reliable downstream leaders to drive execution
  • Confidently lead working groups and unify teams
  • Effectively support and manage the company’s evolution

Hunt Club is unique because our Talent Advisors aren’t just recruiters. They’ve worked and succeeded in the enterprise leadership roles you need, leveraging first-hand experience to find the best candidates to build the best teams.

Shape the future of your business at any stage

Your business deserves the best leaders throughout its entire growth journey. We can help you find them.


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