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5 Min
Market Report: Leadership Expectations Are Evolving — Get Unstuck From a Growth-At-All-Costs Mindset With a staggering 48% year-over-year decline in U.S. VC funding in Q2 2023, the entrepreneurial ecosystem finds itself at a crossroads, prompting …
5 Min
Angel Investing vs. Venture Capital: What Founders Should Know Making the best financial decisions for your growing business or startup requires a clear understanding of the nuances for different financing …
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3 Min
2021's Record-Breaking Venture Capital Year Fuels Startups into 2022 Experts can confidently predict that inflation will continue into 2022, putting historically low interest rates at risk and driving some consumer …
business man leading a meeting and speaking in front of group of listeners
5 Min
Private Equity vs. Venture Capital: How to Fuel Your Startup Sometimes, people confuse venture capital with private equity. However, there are significant differences between these two concepts.
woman leading a business meeting and talking to a group of five other people
5 Min
The 5 Most Common Types of Startups (And Which One You Should Choose) The US is home to over 48,000 startups and is considered one of the most startup-friendly countries on the planet. However, with over 90% of all …
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6 Min
What Are Rollovers for Business Startups (ROBS)? Starting a business can be a costly affair, and one of the hurdles most prospective business owners face is securing adequate financing. The …
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5 Min
Why Seek Out Venture Capital For Your Startup? Venture capital financing can be an excellent way to turn your startup dream into a vibrant reality if done for the right reasons. When starting a …
three women sitting in front of computers talking to each other and smiling
5 Min
What Is a Venture Partner? An Overview If you’re hoping to secure venture capital funding, you’ll need to know what a venture partner is. These are the individuals who help determine …
business man in suit smiling and a woman working on laptop in the background
5 Min
What's the Average Series A Valuation For a Startup? If you're a startup founder, you probably know how vital a Series A can be to the future of your enterprise. A valuation is an integral part of this …
Two professionals, one is looking over documents while the other is talking.
5 Min
How to Secure Series B Financing If you’re ready to move your startup out of the development stage and into a more mature phase of its evolution, it’s critical to secure series B …
A professional smiling toward the camera.
4 Min
Series B Valuation: Overview, Costs, Opportunities A Series B valuation is a critical period in your startup’s history. That’s why you need to be careful at this stage not to make a mistake that could …
Group of professionals sitting around a table with one man smiling toward the camera.
5 Min
The 5 Best Startup Valuation Methods It’s exceedingly difficult to accurately determine a company’s value while it’s still in its infancy. That’s because its ultimate failure or success …
Woman smiling and working at computer.
5 Min
How to Use Pitchbook to Fundraise For Your Startup When it comes time to fundraise for your startup, there are many options. Some entrepreneurs like to use Pitchbook to find funding sources for their …
Woman happily looking through documents.
5 Min
How to Use Accel to Fundraise For Your Startup When you’re looking to raise funds with your startup, you have a dizzying number of options. Trying to narrow down the possibilities can be a …
Professional on a business video call.
6 Min
How to Use Carta to Fundraise For Your Startup There is no shortage of tools out there to help startups raise funds.
A professional working at a computer.
5 Min
Series A Valuation: Overview, Costs, Opportunities Most successful startups raise capital through rounds of external funding.
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