Talent Acquisition by Industry

Hunt Club places top talent across industries and advises teams on the best-fit candidates to help businesses achieve their desired outcomes.


Consumer businesses require leaders who understand interconnected supply chains and growing operations. These progressive leaders are skilled in identifying consumer needs, staying ahead of the evolving technological landscape, and carving out the best market fit for their products.

Our Talent Advisors connect companies with innovative and multidisciplinary candidates to stay ahead.

Learn how we helped cookware company, Made In, hire two VP roles


The financial tech market is on its way to exceed $900B by 2030. From personal finance tools to cryptocurrency, the best fintech leaders embrace technological advancements in order to stay competitive, while ensuring the highest level of data privacy and security for their users.

We help some of the fastest-growing players secure visionary leaders and individual contributors that harmonize this end-to-end experience.

Learn how we helped Treasure Financial scale its go-to-market team

Gaming, Sports, Entertainment

Gaming, sports, and entertainment industries need agile and creative leaders who understand their audience demographics and can harness the power of technology to quickly capture market share.

We connect you with the passionate talent disrupting the game.

Learn how we helped Lucra build a team from the top-down

Healthcare/Health Tech

Powering the next generation of healthcare starts with forward-thinking leaders who are committed to modernizing the industry. Both provider and patient-facing healthcare and health tech companies need leaders who will champion an ever-changing ecosystem.

We introduce you to seasoned industry experts who embrace technology in order to help healthcare drive innovation.

Learn more about how we build leading healthcare and health tech teams


From data collection to campaign tracking, martech executives know how to help organizations streamline their marketing efforts, optimize systems, and gain valuable insights into ROI.

Our team connects you with experienced candidates who elevate your tech stack and drive results for your growing business.

Learn how we helped Terminus secure its Chief Revenue Officer


The rapid pace at which SaaS companies grow and scale requires leaders who can build, manage, and deliver on aggressive timelines. Find leaders who excel in combining data literacy with legacy industry knowledge to drive product market fit and deliver solution-oriented services.

Hunt Club connects you with customer-focused candidates who will help your business stay on the cutting edge of digital transformation.

Learn how we helped G2 hire over 60 roles

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Investing requires a keen eye for opportunity, deep insight into the market, and fantastic timing.

Whether you’re expanding your own team or helping scale a portfolio company, our talent acquisition and talent relationship management services provide the support you need to drive effective growth.

Learn more about Investor Solutions

Disrupting your industry? 

We are, too. Hunt Club leverages community and technology to help you find the right future leader for your industry.


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