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You're innovative. Stop using traditional recruiters.


Your company is building the future. Your talent partner shouldn’t be stuck in the past.

Hunt Club seamlessly integrates service, tech, and network effects to help companies find visionary talent and build billions in enterprise value.

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1000s of roles placed for thousands of the world's most successful companies


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • SVP of Revenue
  • SVP of Engineering
  • VP of Marketing
  • VP of People
  • VP of Product
  • VP of Branding
  • VP of Finance
  • Director of Sales
  • Director of Product Design
  • Director of Growth Marketing
  • Director of HR/People
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Hunt Club vs. Traditional Recruiting Models

Imagine if thousands of top business leaders could introduce you to and help you hire your next high-impact executive or individual contributor. Hunt Club is a new type of search firm that makes this possible through a powerful combination of network effects, AI matching technology, and recruiters with industry expertise.

Hunt Club's Model


  25,000+ Well-Connected Industry Experts  

Our Expert Community connects and refers us to top candidates in their inner circle for open roles. And thanks to our technology, we can do it at scale.


   Warm Introductions = 55% Higher Response Rate

A trusted introduction from a well-respected peer makes all the difference and cuts through the noise, resulting in more successful outreach.


   Tech-Driven Search Platform

Our Search Platform leverages matching technology to identify bullseye candidates and automates recruiting tasks to hire 6-8x faster.


   Recruiting Specialists With Functional Expertise

Hunt Club recruiters are equipped with the deep industry knowledge, market insights, and functional expertise it takes to find the best candidates.

Traditional Recruiting Models


   A Single Recruiter's Book of Business

In the world of talent, it comes down to who you know. Why limit your talent pipeline to a single recruiter's phonebook?


   Cold Calls & Unopened Emails

In today's competitive world, cold calls go unanswered and traditional recruiting emails gather dust in an inbox, failing to reach the talent you need.


  The Old Rolodex

Time is of the essence in the race for top talent. Manual recruiting processes and outdated contact info hold back a growing company.


  Recruiting Generalists

You are looking for exceptional, one-of-a-kind talent with specialized skill sets. Your recruiters shouldn't be any different. 

Partner Story


madein orange logo  Hires 2 VPs for Accelerated Growth

Struggling with other talent acquisition firms and traditional recruiting methods, Made In turned to Hunt Club to find their VP of Growth and VP of Product & Sourcing. Read our Made In partner story to learn how we found their bullseye candidates.


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Photo Made In Co-Founders, Jake Kalick, President and Chip malt, CEO


Provi partners with Hunt Club to tackle complicated, high-level searches 

“When there’s a lot of talent out in the marketplace and a lot of positions open, speed is the name of the game. So having a partner like Hunt Club to help get referrals and introduce us to the best candidates is always a great idea.”

Vishal Patel SVP Strategic Finance

Hear from our customers

Oak Street Health is going through tremendous growth and we needed to scale quickly. We’re constantly looking for a better avenue to talent and we found Hunt Club. Their Expert Network model consistently delivered excellent candidates for hard-to-fill roles.
mike pykosz 1
Mike Pykosz CEO
oak street health-2
We're moving fast, growing big, and shaking up an industry. Hunt Club is willing to partner deeper, care more, and deliver. We trust them to deliver our most valuable asset - our people.
yakir gola
Yakir Gola Founder
I’ve not only worked with Hunt Club to build out my functional team, but also as a candidate, they helped me land my incredible opportunity at Typeform. Their team is always detail-oriented, thoughtful, and helpful in guiding us through a search process that is unique to the needs of each role. I would recommend to anyone hiring or looking for their next big move to partner with Hunt Club.
Karrie Sanderson
Karrie Sanderson CMO

The search is over

Hunt Club can help find your next game-changing CXO, VP, or executive leader faster than legacy models.