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2 Min
Hi Marley’s Path to Growth: Building a Strong Engineering Team Imagine if communicating with your insurance company was as easy and intuitive as chatting with a friend. No long wait times, no frustrating forms — …
3 Min
What Is a Full Stack Engineer? Full Job Description + Duties According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for full stack developers and engineers remains strong. From 2022 to 2032, the …
business woman working on laptop with documents in her hand
4 Min
VP of Data Science Job Description: What They Do + Frameworks For Hiring In today’s digital landscape, the talk of data analytics, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning seems almost impossible to avoid, …
two business professionals sitting at desk talking to a colleague
2 Min
Senior Software Engineer Job Description: Main Duties & Qualifications We interact with the work of a software engineer almost daily. From the apps on our cell phones to the websites we peruse to the platforms we …
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3 Min
Chief Information Officer (CIO) Job Description, Duties & Key Skills We’re in an era dominated by digital. Email security, online platforms, SaaS tools — the list goes on for our digital frontiers, with more and more …
business woman showing associate something on a computer screen that they're both looking at
2 Min
AI, 3 Ways, Right Now — Bain Capital’s Darren Herman On Ways Businesses Can Implement AI Today Dressed in a sports jacket and sneakers, Darren Herman exudes an air of relaxed confidence as he settles in to share his insights at Hunt Club …
Headshot of Darren Herman, Managing Director of Bain Capital with title of blog
4 Min
The Submittable Strategy: Using Tech To Hire Tech Talent Leading social impact platform, Submittable, builds a digital team with critical tech & engineering roles to support growth and a new partnership …
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6 Min
Future-Focused Leadership: A Robust Chief Innovation Officer Job Description With the influence of digital transformation on today’s business environments, the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO/CINO) isn't just a position — it's …
woman in blue shirt smiling directly at camera
3 Min
Chief Digital Officer Job Description: Duties + Skills To Look For in a Bullseye CDO The growth of digital technologies, and their increasing role in powering successful businesses, has created a need for Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) …
woman in white turtleneck and glasses smiling at camera
6 Min
Here’s Why You Need to Build a Digital Team + The 8 Roles to Hire for Innovation From startups to industry giants, today’s biggest success stories all have one thing in common: a business model with an openness to innovation and a …
woman on the phone and using other hand to type on keyboard
9 Min
Leaders’ and Investors’ Guide to Health Tech vs. Digital Health vs. Med Tech Having emerged from the pandemic and one of the most challenging times in recent history, what has been revealed and what does the larger healthcare …
group of three business professionals working on a laptop together with a whiteboard behind them
6 Min
CIO vs. CTO: What’s the Difference? The roles of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) are one and the same...right?
man sitting in office chair working on laptop with headphones while someone walks behind him
4 Min
Market Report: Embracing the AI Revolution According to Goldman Sachs economists, as many as 300 million full-time jobs around the world could be automated in some way by the use of new …
6 Min
What Does a Software Engineering Recruiter Do? + 5 Tips To Find the Right One Ever tried to find software developers with a recruiter that handles generalized hiring? You may find that the outcome isn't quite what you're …
portrait of software engineering recruiter with glasses smiling
6 Min
Hiring a VP of Engineering: 5 Recruiting Tips & What To Look For Across the United States, the demand for top executives (including Vice President roles) is expected to grow 6% by 2031. If your company is looking …
2 male business executives and 1 female business executive in suits smiling at camera
6 Min
CTO Recruitment: What To Look For & How To Hire Your Tech Leader Hiring a CTO can be one of the most important decisions you make for your company's future. However, by optimizing your recruitment and screening …
business man leaning against table while smiling and looking into distance
6 Min
6 Reasons To Work With Engineering Staffing Agencies + What To Look For Your business is growing, and you're looking to hire an experienced engineer to help your teams innovate and solve problems.
engineering staffing agency meeting in a conference room
6 Min
The 8 Best Tech Talent Recruitment Strategies & Tips Despite recent tech layoffs, the very best tech and software talent is still in high demand. One reason being the incredibly unique and valuable …
woman leaning over desk smiling and leading a meeting with man looking at her
7 Min
Technical Recruiting: Definition, Cheat Sheet, and Tips for Success While there have been numerous tech layoffs, the demand for top talent remains fierce — which Gartner predicts will be the case until at least 2026. …
man in interviewing shaking hand of person in foreground
5 Min
Fintech Recruiting: What It Is + How To Find the Right Fintech Hire Despite recent tech layoffs, top-tier tech and engineering roles are and continue to be in high demand. In fact, the financial technology (fintech) …
man sitting at desk working on an open laptop
6 Min
Breaking Down SaaS Recruiting: 8 Best Practices for Hiring in Tech According to market research, the global Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is projected to grow from $251.17 billion to a staggering $883.34 …
group of professionals smiling and working around a laptop together
4 Min
IT Recruiters: What Are They and Key Things to Look For Across the country, an information technology (IT) labor shortage has been brewing for years. As the demand for skilled IT professionals increases, …
man smiling and holding a tablet
5 Min
5 CIO Interview Questions You Should Always Ask To stay competitive, it’s essential for companies to develop their business and technology strategies in conjunction - it’s no longer effective to …
3 business professionals gathered around a laptop and reviewing documents
4 Min
IT Director Job Description: What Does an IT Director Do? Information technology (IT) is a vital component of almost every company’s infrastructure, from workstations to network security, and you need …
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