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Meet 3 Black Founders Who Are Driving Change and Elevating Communities

Kristin Bachman
2 min read

Black founders are outperforming their counterparts, building businesses faster than ever before. It’s surprising then to discover that they received only 1% of all venture funding in 2022. Limited access to mentors to lend advice on how to effectively scale organizations, also continues to create a disadvantage for black founders. 

These inequities are not slowing this group from building, creating, and innovating. Meet three Black entrepreneurs who participated in InTandem’s 2022 accelerator program - and the success they’ve achieved in transforming their industries.   


  1. Tiffany Kellyrebun
    Role: Founder and CEO
    Company: Curastory
    In 2023, 79% of marketing teams are planning to invest in video content. Tiffany Kelly’s company, Curastory, is redefining the way content creators produce their videos and partner with top advertisers. Curastory is a platform that enables video creators to film and edit premium content while simultaneously connecting them with top organizations that can help them monetize their content. By making the platform 100% free for users, Curastory empowers individual contributors the ability to focus on what matters most — their creative side. 

  2. Olajuwon Ajanaku
    eastsideRole: Founder
    Company: Eastside Golf
    Golf is a predominantly white-dominated sport — professional golfer and founder, Olajuwon Ajanaku is changing the game. Growing up, Olajuwon rarely saw himself reflected in the professional players on the course. With a passion for golf that continues to drive his desire to be the representation that was lacking in his youth, the Atlanta native founded Eastside Golf, a lifestyle golf brand for players on and off the green. Olajuwon told Our America “My objective every single day is to be who I wanted to see out on the golf course, who I wanted to see in life when I was a kid.” Through fashion and action, Eastside Golf is transforming what it means to be a minority athlete in a predominantly white space. 

  3. Ciara Imani May 
    curaRole: Founder and CEO
    Company: Rebundle
    Sustainability has been a hot topic in the beauty industry for a while now. Ciara Imani May is taking it a step further through her hair extension company, Rebundle. Rather than relying on the typical synthetic materials found in most hair extensions, Ciara uses banana stems as the basis for her braids. Her formula not only helps to alleviate the environmental impacts hair extensions can have, it also helps women feel more confident in their own skin. Rebundle, a pre-seed startup is elevating haircare with synthetic extensions that are both comfortable and beautiful to wear. 

Successful entrepreneurs identify a problem and build a business that solves it while engaging with their audience to ensure their strategy uplifts consumers. From empowering content creators, and opening doors for aspiring golfers, to providing sustainable beauty alternatives and more, Black founders continue to raise the bar and provide advantageous opportunities for future venture backing. 

Read more about InTandem, the only private membership network of leading growth experts, venture investors, and supporters focused on accelerating startups with underrepresented founders while connecting, learning, and growing together.

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