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Open Doors for People in Your Network

Hunt Club’s Expert Community helps connect your network with leading roles at esteemed companies.


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How It Works

Follow these 4 easy steps to connect your colleagues with their next dream role and get rewarded.


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Sign up to join the Expert Network and add your contacts 


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Look out for intro requests in your inbox or keep an eye out for suggested referrals directly on our job board



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Respond to the intro request or connect us to your referral



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Earn a cash reward or donate it to charity when your referral progresses in the hiring process


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“Today, Experts can strengthen their networks while helping those around them and earn rewards. Tomorrow, the possibilities of what a growing community of 25,000 business leaders could do together are endless.”
David Chang GM, Expert Network
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Expert Network Rules of Engagement

Empower your network and earn up to $10k for referring colleagues to incredible opportunities.

To provide the best experience for you and your connections, we place tremendous value on:

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Your Permission

We don’t reach out to your network without your approval.

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Your Expertise

Technology is great, but we want you to tell us if your connection is a good fit.

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Your Honesty

Your connection won’t know if you say “no” if and when we ask for a referral.

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Your Privacy

We don’t share your details or referral information with our clients.

Help the people in your network find their next opportunity

Connect your network with coveted roles at leading companies to earn cash rewards to keep or donate to charity.


Join The Network

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