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Hi Marley’s Path to Growth: Building a Strong Engineering Team Imagine if communicating with your insurance company was as easy and intuitive as chatting with a friend. No long wait times, no frustrating forms — …
3 Min
What Is a Full Stack Engineer? Full Job Description + Duties According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for full stack developers and engineers remains strong. From 2022 to 2032, the …
business woman working on laptop with documents in her hand
4 Min
VP of Data Science Job Description: What They Do + Frameworks For Hiring In today’s digital landscape, the talk of data analytics, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning seems almost impossible to avoid, …
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2 Min
Senior Software Engineer Job Description: Main Duties & Qualifications We interact with the work of a software engineer almost daily. From the apps on our cell phones to the websites we peruse to the platforms we …
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6 Min
What Does a Software Engineering Recruiter Do? + 5 Tips To Find the Right One Ever tried to find software developers with a recruiter that handles generalized hiring? You may find that the outcome isn't quite what you're …
portrait of software engineering recruiter with glasses smiling
6 Min
Hiring a VP of Engineering: 5 Recruiting Tips & What To Look For Across the United States, the demand for top executives (including Vice President roles) is expected to grow 6% by 2031. If your company is looking …
2 male business executives and 1 female business executive in suits smiling at camera
6 Min
6 Reasons To Work With Engineering Staffing Agencies + What To Look For Your business is growing, and you're looking to hire an experienced engineer to help your teams innovate and solve problems.
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6 Min
The 8 Best Tech Talent Recruitment Strategies & Tips Despite recent tech layoffs, the very best tech and software talent is still in high demand. One reason being the incredibly unique and valuable …
woman leaning over desk smiling and leading a meeting with man looking at her
7 Min
Technical Recruiting: Definition, Cheat Sheet, and Tips for Success While there have been numerous tech layoffs, the demand for top talent remains fierce — which Gartner predicts will be the case until at least 2026. …
man in interviewing shaking hand of person in foreground
7 Min
Top 20 Data Modeling Interview Questions Sitting down for an interview is always intimidating, especially if you’re applying for a job in a highly technical field like data modeling. …
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