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6 Min
Beyond the Logo: VP of Brand Marketing Job Description It's no secret that your company's marketing strategy has a major impact on your brand's overall perception, revenue, and success. Your marketing …
female executive in orange shirt working at laptop with her hand on the trackpad
8 Min
Beyond Branding: The Chief Marketing Officer Job Description Just Do It. Think Different. The Happiest Place On Earth. What do Nike, Apple, and Disneyland all have in common? Exceptional marketing.
An executive talking with two professionals with a pen and notebook in hand.
5 Min
All the Ways Executive Recruiters Help Growing Businesses Hire Top Marketing Talent No matter what industry you're in, how you market your business matters. But building the best marketing team can be easier said than done. From …
woman with laptop smiling and interviewing candidate in the foreground
6 Min
10 Best Interview Questions + Sample Answers For a Director of Growth Marketing Finding the best Director of Growth Marketing for your evolving company is no easy feat. You need someone who's a strategic professional, a …
Woman with crossed arms smiling in front of bookcases
5 Min
Your 2021 Guide to Digital Marketing for Startups Marketing is something that nearly every business on the planet needs to consider if they want to not only get by but flourish in today's …
man sitting at desk on the phone with an open laptop in front of him
5 Min
What's the Best e-Commerce Platform for Startups? An e-commerce platform is a website builder you can use to create an online store.
group of office workers sitting at table in a meeting with coffee, a laptop, and documents
5 Min
What's the Average Customer Acquisition Cost for eCommerce Stores? There are two metrics every startup founder who runs an eCommerce business likely needs to be aware of if they want to generate revenue: customer …
woman holding and looking at a tablet in her hand with her other hand on chin
5 Min
What is Hubspot for Startups, And Can It Help Your Business? These days, it’s no longer sufficient to have an extraordinary product or service. You must also have the people, processes, and tools in place to …
man standing and showing 2 sitting colleagues something on laptop
6 Min
What's the Best CRM for Startups in 2021? Do you need a CRM? Not every startup needs a CRM. For example, say you've just launched your company. In that case, you won’t have too much customer …
group of 4 professionals discussing something with an open laptop on table
7 Min
Hiring Your First Marketer? Here’s What You Need To Know If you’re a startup founder and looking to hire your first ever marketer, congratulations!
Two professionals working at a computer together.
5 Min
How Much Should a VP of Marketing Equity Grant Be? To accelerate the growth of your startup, you must attract great talent.
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