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Talent Acquisition

Build Innovative Teams To Transform Healthcare

The healthcare industry has faced some of the most challenging times in recent history. However, thanks to innovative teams across hospitals, health tech, service-based businesses, biotech, and supply — the industry has been able to persevere and make an inspiring recovery.

Ongoing modernization and innovation are necessary to keep up with the dynamic nature of healthcare and the world around us.

The right leaders are the heartbeat of this change — and Hunt Club can help you find them.


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Modern healthcare starts with the right leadership teams

To keep pace with the evolving needs of patients while also improving the safety and health of everyone involved, healthcare organizations need innovative, outcome-driven, and empathetic leaders who can be a positive driving force for change.

So what exactly does modern healthcare leadership look like?

Top talent and the right executive leadership in healthcare should — first and foremost — be equipped with hands-on experience in the healthcare industry. Ideally, they will have served in some real-life, technical capacity and can bring a deep, usable expertise to their next opportunity. Additionally, the best healthcare providers and leaders should be:

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Hire top healthcare & health tech leaders to drive change

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Hunt Club’s Expert Community is made up of 20,000+ industry titans and thought leaders — 14% of which are from the healthcare industry and help connect our Talent Advisors to top candidates.

Our executive search firm specializes in sourcing talent across the industry, including healthcare software, mental health, pediatrics, dentistry, product development, life sciences, and more.

With the functional expertise your team needs, we can connect you with innovative and empathetic healthcare executives and providers in roles such as:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Account Executives
  • VP of Supply Chain & Logistics
  • VP of Finance
  • VP of Sales
  • Managing Directors
  • And more


We Know Healthcare

Hunt Club has worked with a wide range of healthcare customers, including traditional healthcare organizations, fast-growing startups, and software companies in the industry.

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Case Studies

Industry Roles We've Placed

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging

Director of Revenue Operations

How does a company disrupting the health tech industry find a passionate leader who can navigate the complex intersection of revenue operations, sales, and finance? Find out here.

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Anytime Pediatrics

Chief Technology Officer

52K Chief Technology Officers in Hunt Club's Expert Network. 90 candidates sourced. In what would take traditional recruiting models months to complete, see how we found this healthcare company's next CTO in just 20 days.

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Chief People Officer

People are at the heart of healthcare, and Marketlab wanted to bring its people-first vision to life by bringing on this new role. Read how we found the perfect fit through trusted introductions.

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How We Win

A Healthcare Team's Winning Formula

"In order for healthcare enterprises to keep up with the changing needs of healthcare consumers, they must understand that each patient is unique and provide a service that adjusts to their needs, and move away from patients adjusting to the healthcare systems to get the care they need.  Every patient is different and personalization is key to guiding them to the care they need."


Manisha Sharma, Chief People Officer

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Read How Manisha Wins

Find your next healthcare leader


Our tailored search process and executive recruiters connect you with the leading healthcare professionals and executive leaders that can drive systemic change.



Meet Ady, our General Manager

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Ady Malhotra

With over 15 years experience working with hospitals, providers, and healthtech companies, Ady has deep industry knowledge of hiring the right healthcare leaders.

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