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Our team of experienced consultants works closely with CxOs, Investors, and Industry Advisors on searches to help companies de-risk their people investment and develop tailored talent management strategies.


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"As craftspeople who have learned to be employers, we evaluate quality obsessively.

The value of working with Hunt Club wasn’t just in the candidates, but also in their willingness to share strategies and insights that help us to attract a great team and to understand your thought process in doing so. We have learned so much from their team."


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Tailored Services For Every Unique Business

Hiring talent is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Our expert consultants work closely with your leadership team to understand your organization's unique makeup, business strategy, and goals so we can develop customized solutions for sustainable growth.

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Organizational Design & Blueprint

There's a lot at stake with a company's organizational design, and it's one of the hardest aspects to get right. To help design an optimal organizational structure, our consultants:

  • Assess your current org design and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Work with your hiring managers to recommend the right roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines.
  • Optimize spans of control and layers of management.
  • Identify key capabilities and design a comprehensive talent strategy.

Top-Grading Talent

One of the most common concerns we hear from founders is, “Do I have the right talent to take us to the top?”

We'll help you answer that.

We establish custom benchmarking systems and talent optimization assessments that can be utilized repeatedly to ensure consistent growth.

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Efficient & Non-Disruptive Change Management

If there's one true thing about any growing business, it's that it is apt to change. We empower organizations to thrive off transformation while maintaining initiative, productivity, and a connection to purpose by:

  • Diagnosing your organization's readiness for change and ensuring all parties are considered in the vision and strategy.
  • Working with human resources to design transparent communication and engagement plans to gain buy-in at all levels.
  • Identifying potential resistance and risks and developing mitigation strategies.

Talent Assessment & Audit

Every team, no matter how seasoned, has untapped potential. Our goal is to help you unlock the best talent by:

  • Mapping your team's distinct composition and finding opportunities for leadership development.
  • Assessing the skills and expertise on hand.
  • Identifying any gaps in talent or roles and creating actionable steps to bridge them.
  • Offering solutions to reorganize, upskill, or reskill talent.
  • Evaluating existing employee engagement, retention, and sourcing strategies.


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Unlock your business's full potential


Our team is ready to help you hire top talent and build a winning strategy.

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