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Join 20,000 industry leaders who connect their peers to rewarding positions at top organizations
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What is a Hunt Club Expert?

Hunt Club experts are well-connected industry leaders, executives and high-performers who refer individuals in their networks for positions with Hunt Club client organizations. The expert network is a community of business leaders who represent a diverse range of industries and functions. From chief executives and chief marketing officers, to technology leaders and heads of sales, experts are among the top minds in their fields.


20,000+ Experts Signed Up


7.8M Candidates In Reach through Experts


1,000+ Companies Trust Us


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How to Become an Expert

Become an Expert

Hunt Club Rules of Engagement

It’s time to put TRUST back into everyday professionals who have spent the time building their network and industry knowledge. At Hunt Club, we’re here to help you empower your network and connect your colleagues with incredible opportunities for their next career move AND get rewarded for it.



We don’t reach out to your network without your approval.



Technology is great, but we want you to tell us if your connection is a good fit.



Your connection won’t know if you say “no” if and when we ask for a referral.



We don’t share your details or referral information with our clients.

Expert Testimonials

"Hunt Club gave me the opportunity to introduce a friend from grad school to an opportunity that has helped his career grow even further. He got a great new job, and I got rewarded for making the connection - definitely a win, win!"

David Rabie, CEO, Tovala

"In 2020 your network is your net worth and one of the quickest ways to increase the value of your network is to be a connector. Upon hearing of the open position, several people in my immediate network came to mind; it was a minimal lift on my end that may lead to dollars - what's better? Thanks Hunt Club!"

Ashlee Ammons, Co-Founder of Mixtroz and Entrepreneur Magazines 100 Powerful Women - 2019

"I have been an expert with Hunt Club for a year. I’ve been impressed by several factors including their matching technology, their networking capabilities, and warm introduction model. Hunt Club’s innovative business model enables professionals to easily identify, and connect with, top talent with top employers in the market space.”

Tim Countryman, Head of Customer Success and Operations, PHMG