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2 Min
5 Fundamentals of Leading a Startup from G2’s Founder and CEO Godard Abel, founder and CEO of G2, knows a thing or two about building an idea from the ground up. Having founded multiple startups, including the …
8 Min
Executive Leadership: 6 Qualities of a Great Executive + Recruiting Tips It may seem clear what an effective leader is. On the surface, “good boss” may seem interchangeable with “effective leader.” However, that’s not …
executive leader with hands folded on a desk
6 Min
Becoming an Industry Leader: A Step-By-Step Guide Imagine what it would mean for your business if you were the household name in your industry. If your CEO was celebrated for insights no one else …
industry leader leaning against desk
5 Min
How to Hire for Virtual Teams Effectively and Lead with Confidence Virtual teams are a relatively new addition to the workplace, but they are playing a fundamental role in the success of growing companies. According …
woman conducting virtual interview
4 Min
8 Top Leadership Tips for Managing Stress at a Start-Up Being a leader at a startup can come with short-staffing, short budgets, even shorter deadlines, and a great deal of uncertainty. Startup leaders …
business woman sitting on a bench with closed eyes
5 Min
Why You Need a Startup Advisor Let's say you're a startup founder with massive ambition and a to-do list a mile long. In that case, you probably hate those moments of paralyzing …
Man smiling in office with arms crossed and laptop behind him
5 Min
Best Books for Startups - The Definitive List Are you a current entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level? 
closeup portrait of man smiling slightly
5 Min
How to Fire An Executive It’s never an easy decision to let go of an executive, particularly when you don't have a replacement lined up. Experiencing some stress when you …
Executive working at their computer.
7 Min
What Happens When Multiple Employees Quit at the Same Time? Waves of constant employee turnover are demoralizing, costly, and kill productivity.
A professional looking seriously at their computer.

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