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VP of Finance Job Description, Responsibilities, and Skills Needed There's a lot that goes into the day-to-day operations of your organization's finance department. From managing cash flow and keeping up with payroll …
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5 Min
How To Find Top Talent in Financial Services Recruiting: 8 Key Steps Struggling to recruit new financial services talent? You're not alone. One report finds that a staggering 80% of financial institutions are worried …
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5 Min
Fintech Recruiting: What It Is + How To Find the Right Fintech Hire Despite recent tech layoffs, top-tier tech and engineering roles are and continue to be in high demand. In fact, the financial technology (fintech) …
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4 Min
What Makes a CFO Recruiter Great? As a company grows, it needs a powerful C-suite to guide its way. Just as important as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), a CFO is the top financial …
5 Min
What Does a Chief Revenue Officer Do? A Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is an essential C-suite role that focuses on sales and marketing acumen. This job is especially important in our …
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5 Min
CEO vs CFO: What’s the Difference? People who aren't immersed in the everyday business world sometimes get hopelessly confused by the differences between a CEO and CFO.
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5 Min
CFO Job Description: Roles, Responsibilities, and Revenue If you want to make a significant investment in your company's future, consider bringing a CFO on board. They'll help ensure your company is …
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5 Min
Accounting for Startups 101: A Beginner's Guide While accounting might not be the first office process on your mind for your startup, it could just prove to be one of the most important.
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6 Min
Channel Sales vs. Direct Sales: Which Is Better for Startups? If you’re a startup that manufactures goods, you’ll need to think about how you’ll get them to your customers. There are two different types of sales …
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5 Min
How Much Should a CFO Equity Grant Be? If you're a startup founder, you might be wondering how much a CFO equity grant should be.
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