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In a Tough Job Market, Hunt Club’s Expert Network Cuts Through the Noise & Reaches 55% More High-Caliber Candidates

Ashley McGinn
4 min read

As the economic landscape undergoes rapid changes, companies are facing significant challenges when it comes to hiring. Founders are reevaluating their recruitment strategies in order to build lean, yet mighty teams to help them navigate through the volatility.

Rather than filling individual contributor roles, organizations are prioritizing leadership positions to help them thrive. However, finding the right leaders for these critical roles is no easy task. Organizations must look for a competitive advantage in order to secure the best talent in these interesting and uncertain times.

This is where Hunt Club’s Expert Network comes into play. The Expert Network is a key component of our network recruiting model, serving as a bridge between business and exceptional talent through warm, trusted, personal introductions. 

But not only do we have the right people to help us find top talent, we have the right tools and technology to do it at a faster rate.

Experts play a pivotal role in fostering meaningful relationships, cutting through the noise, and directly connecting us with their high-caliber networks. 

What’s the impact of their connections, exactly?

We look back at the first half of 2023 to tell us that story.


40% of Roles Placed Through Experts Are VP-Level and Higher

Businesses are currently focusing more on hiring leadership roles as a key priority for their success during such challenging markets, and Hunt Club Experts are helping connect us to the right people.

Hunt Club branded banner that reads: 40% of Roles Placed Through the Expert Network have been VP-level and higher.  Hunt Club data shows that 40% of roles placed through the Expert Network have been VP-level and higher.

Executive searches can be admittedly more challenging to fill due to a combination of a limited pool of candidates and high competition for uniquely-qualified talent. 

But Experts are inter-connected executives and thought leaders themselves, and their own networks reflect this. This is exactly why they have the ability to tap into exclusive networks and access highly-qualified candidates. With their industry expertise and connections, Hunt Club Experts have been facilitating meaningful introductions that help attract top-tier executive talent that businesses need.


Hunt Club's Warm Outreach Model Yields Higher Candidate Response Rate

Let’s say you receive a cold email for a job opportunity from a recruiter you don’t know.

Compare that to hearing from an old colleague or friend about an opportunity that they introduced specifically for you and your experience.

Which would you more likely respond to?

Hunt Club branded gif that shows warm outreach model yeilds 55% response rate vs 33% response rate of other traditional recruiting models

It’s in these authentic and trusted relationships that we have found the most success. Hunt Club data shows that a warm outreach model has a 55% response rate, compared to a lower 33% from other traditional models.


Our Experts & Expert-Placed Candidates Speak to the Community’s Power To Open Doors

While statistics help us paint a portrait of the strides we’ve been making in the first half of 2023, Expert voices and their unique experiences as part of the community help us build upon the human connection that we’re all about at Hunt Club. 

Expert Spotlight: Katelyn Watson, CMO at Talkspaceheadshot portrait of Talkspace CMO, Katelyn Watson

“Meaningful connections make up your community. Hunt Club’s Expert Network is just one example of a strong community, and one that’s helped me make these connections to build teams, make referrals, and more. 

Through the Network, I’ve looked at roles to refer my network to, and have even hired those introduced from Hunt Club (I take the calls because I know it’s vetted!).”


headshot portrait of David Luk, Managing Partner at Palm Venture Studios

Candidate Spotlight: David Luk, Managing Partner at Palm Venture Studios

“It was awesome to work with Hunt Club. It really helped and changed the game to have a trusted person make the introduction. 

Hunt Club’s Expert Network helped cut through the noise, and after that initial communication, the Hunt Club team were the most professional, engaging, and supportive talent execs I’ve worked with.”


Want to see the Network in action? Click here to read how the Expert Network helped this long-time executive land his next role as Chief Executive Officer at a high-growth startup.


The Expert Network Helps Fill Critical Roles Up to 16% Faster Than Traditional Recruitment Models

Time is money, and as founders look to create efficiencies, time to fill a leadership role is an essential critical recruiting metric. According to Hunt Club data, compared to searches initiated through standard/cold outreach, Expert searches are 16% faster on average to fill a role because of the human connection that already exists.

Hunt Club branded banner that reads: It's 16% faster on average to place a candidate via warm outreach vs coldWe combine this power of the Expert Community with our automated sourcing technology, which allows us to streamline time-consuming tasks like sourcing, funnel management, and scheduling. 

Not only are these roles filled faster, but warm introductions result in a 32% higher offer acceptance rate when candidates are introduced via the Expert Network versus cold outreach.

When you think of the time it takes to fill a role using a traditional recruiting model or even the time it takes to sort through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applications on LinkedIn, it’s easy to see why the Expert Network and our network recruiting approach is so much more effective. 


Executive Snapshot: Experts Helped Us Find These High-Level Leaders

Want an inside look into just some of the top roles Experts have helped us place this year? Here’s a small peek into the influence our Expert Community has in making impactful connections and helping their networks find their futures.

Sales Roles

Our Experts Helped Us Place A...

In These Industries...

Chief Sales Officer


Vice President of Enterprise Sales 

Supply Chain

Sales Leader


Product & Engineering Roles

Chief Product Officer 


Senior Product Designer 


Head of Engineering

Events & Production Management

Fractional Chief Technology Officer


People Roles

Chief of Staff 

Venture Capital

Chief People Officer 


Chief of Staff 

Venture Capital

Marketing Roles

Marketing Director of Demand Generation

eCommerce SaaS

Director of Site Merchandising, Content, and Personalization


Head of Content Operations


Operations & Finance Roles

Chief Executive Officer 




VP, Program Management 

Real Estate SaaS

VP, Digital Acquisition 

Consumer Goods

Managing Director 

Venture Capital

Director of Strategy 

Creative Agency

Activation Director 

Creative Agency

Director of Insights Innovation



Find Your Future Leader 

While we’ve reached incredible milestones so far, we’re only expecting to open even more doors in the second half of 2023. We’ll continue to expand our Expert Community and place more top talent at growing companies through human connection and trusted relationships.

Our team of dedicated Talent Advisors is ready to partner with you in finding the right people for your organization.

Whether you need a visionary Chief Executive Officer or a forward-thinking VP of Engineering, our network recruiting approach and technology can help you find your future leader in any industry or business stage.


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