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Cold Outreach. Automated Emails. AI. Is Networking Dead After All?

Michelle Han-Taylor
2 min read

Take one look at the average email inbox and it’s easy to see how today’s world of business is dominated by automated messages and cold, AI-driven outreach. It’s a trend that even the recruiting industry at large is adopting because of the wide reach to candidates it affords recruiters. As a result, the very essence and legitimacy of networking are called into question: Is authentic relationship-building becoming obsolete?

While cold outreach and automation certainly offer an unprecedented level of efficiency and reach, it risks sacrificing the depth of human connection that often results in real opportunities reaching real people, and making real change. 

AI can augment some of our outreach efforts, but the true power still lies in our ability to cultivate meaningful relationships that drive outcomes, create a lasting impact, and cut through the noise.

The Best Way To Reach People Through All the Noise

Top-tier talent and prime candidates are fully absorbed in their daily duties. The notion of considering impersonal, automated recruitment emails, especially for roles that don't align with them, ranks lowest on their agenda. To cut through the clutter and engage with them effectively, you need a reliable pathway — a pathway lined with trusted relationships. Relationships matter more than ever for this exact reason.

But don’t just take it from us. See why building authentic relationships and networking remain one of the most powerful advantages in business and recruiting in the stories below.

One Email From a Trusted Colleague Made All the Difference

Hunt Club branded banner with two headshots of business professionals next to the title "The Power of a Trusted Introduction"

Adam Perry, an HR professional in Chicago, was not actively looking for a new role, but as most of us have experienced, cold outreach for jobs still flooded his inbox. He ignored them all until an email from his colleague and friend, Lindsay Knight, changed everything.

Two years ago, Lindsay’s warm introduction helped shape the next chapter in Adam’s career with a new role as PerkSpot’s VP of Operations. Today, he is now their Chief of Staff.

TLDR: Relationships have the power to transform careers and lives.

Read how Adam’s relationship with Lindsay led him to where he is now.

Established Corporate Exec Enters the Startup World… Who Would Have Thought?

Hunt Club branded banner with portrait of Kradle CEO, Bill Partyka, next to the title "From Corporate to Kradle - Former Gerber CEO's Fortuitous Path to Scaling a High-Growth Startup"

Throughout his illustrious 35-year career in consumer products, Bill Partyka earned pivotal executive positions with renowned global enterprises such as General Mills, Pfizer, and Nestle. He then culminated his journey as the CEO of Gerber Baby Food, where the prospect of leaving the corporate world to lead the up-and-coming pet CBD company, Kradle, wasn’t anywhere on his radar.

What (or, who) happened between then and now that led to Partyka being the current CEO of Kradle? 

Explore how one warm introduction from Partyka’s former mentor changed it all.



Relationships Matter More Than Ever 

These stories serve as an important reminder that genuine networking remains powerful, while automated emails are dead on arrival.

In a landscape oversaturated with just too much digital noise and automation, personal connections have the power to cut right through and reach the talent you need. 


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