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Expanding the ExpertAccess Program 6/5/24

Ashley McGinn
3 min read

Last week, we announced the launch of our new ExpertAccess Program, putting Hunt Club Experts and first-string operators in your back pocket for all things recruitment and talent. As part of our launch, we introduced Experts:

Since then, we've had an incredible response that affirmed our thinking — the best way to hire top talent is 1) through trusted relationships and introductions, and 2) through the lens of Experts who have been in your exact shoes.  

We're keeping the momentum going this week by growing the ExpertAccess Program with five more Hunt Club Experts who are ready to advise on candidate profiles, define job roles, introduce you to talent in their network, and all things hiring.

expanding the expertaccess program


Introducing Our Next Cohort of Experts

godard abel feat image

Meet Godard Abel

A seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, Godard Abel has successfully founded and scaled multiple SaaS companies, leading to significant exits to industry giants like Oracle and Salesforce. As the co-founder and CEO of G2, he drives a global team focused on delivering trusted software insights and leads a global team of over 600 people at the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. He also serves as Executive Chairman of ThreeKit and Logik.io.


Learn more about Godard or get in touch through his page.


brian fields feat image

Meet Brian Fields

Brian Fields is a seasoned revenue leader with extensive experience in SaaS, e-commerce, and marketplace development. Currently, he serves as the Chief Revenue Officer at Mindbody + ClassPass, leading an 800-person global revenue team across sales, customer experience, and revenue operations. He brings extensive knowledge with his previous experience managing a $600 million P&L as Chief Commercial Officer at Groupon and led a global team of over 700 in sales, marketing, operations, and strategy.

Learn more about Brian or get in touch through his page.



kim walsh feat image

Meet Kim Walsh

Kim Walsh is a dynamic leader with a proven track record in scaling global business units and driving revenue growth in technology and CRM software. She is the CEO of Practice Better, which simplifies the way health and wellness professionals run their businesses so they have more time to impact more people.

Kim brings a wealth of expertise to every endeavor, having spent 11.5 years building and scaling global business units at HubSpot, growing the HubSpot Enterprise Business from $0 to $60 million in revenue, and the GTM Partnership organization from $1 to $300 million.

Learn more about Kim Walsh or get in touch through her page.


paul buser feat image

Meet Paul Buser

Paul Buser is a seasoned investor and company builder, currently serving as the co-founder and co-CEO of Sator Grove Holdings, a permanent capital investment firm dedicated to supporting top entrepreneurs and investors in achieving exceptional growth. He holds a BBA in Finance from the University of Notre Dame, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School. 

With a rich background in investment and management consulting, Paul brings decades of experience to his roles on the boards of Snapfix and Cheetah, as well as his teaching position at the University of Notre Dame.

Learn more about Paul Buser or get in touch through his page.



coach mike feat image

Meet Coach Mike Edelstein

Coach Mike is an accomplished leader in Enterprise SaaS Customer Success with 25 years of experience. As a Managing Director at WestCap, he designs and leads a Customer Success Advisory Practice for portfolio companies, leveraging his extensive background in building and scaling Customer Success teams across various industries. Coach Mike also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco Graduate School of Management and is a member of their Customer Success Advisory Board.

Learn more about Coach Mike or get in touch through his page.


Discover Hunt Club's Expert Network

Hunt Club Experts are seasoned industry leaders, top executives, and leading operators who refer people in their personal and professional networks for open positions with Hunt Club client organizations.

We'll continue to add more Experts like these to our ExpertAccess Program, giving you exclusive and firsthand access to some of the top minds in the business for help on all things hiring. In the meantime, explore more of the community and connect with similar Experts.


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