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Network Recruiting

What Is Network Recruiting?

Kristin Bachman
3 min read

Across life, it’s often about ‘who you know.’ As humans we lean on others around us for support, advice, guidance - particularly if someone is a subject matter expert, or has access to resources we could benefit from. For years, business leaders have utilized traditional and digital networking methods to help them progress their careers through pivotal industry connections–and companies are taking notice of the impact a network connection has on a desired outcome. 

As organizations are looking to hire bullseye candidates from a diverse talent pool, they’re seeing the value in expanding outside of a single recruiter’s book of business and into a network recruiting model.  


What is Network Recruiting?

Network recruiting offers a curated method to sourcing and connecting with candidates from a diverse talent pool. 

Through network recruiting, hiring teams are granted access to talent beyond one network of potential candidates. While this method of recruiting is robust, in essence it follows these 3 key steps:

  1. A talent advisor shares an open role with their network of industry leaders. 
  2. The industry leaders introduce the talent consultant to individuals who they believe may be a perfect fit for the role. 
  3. The talent consultant connects the potential candidates with the organization hiring and they begin the screening and interviewing process. 


Why You Should Use Network Recruiting – 4 Key Benefits

In business, your network is your net worth. Research shows that 70% of jobs are not publicly posted online and upwards of 80% of open roles are filled through networking.

Sourcing talent with a network recruiting approach broadens a company’s scope of potential talent, giving them access to:

  • Top candidates, faster. Rather than building talent pipelines through the traditional avenues of searching LinkedIn or through one recruiter’s rolodex of talent, network recruiting enables faster connections by minimizing the time a company has to source talent. Now, professionals can connect their colleagues with hiring teams at leading companies, helping to place top talent at record speed. 
  • Pre-vetted candidates. When tapped for talent, industry leaders tend to refer their most skilled peers for open coveted roles. Organizations can use network recruiting to their advantage knowing that the candidates they are meeting with were vetted and introduced by a trusted industry leader.
  • Searches centered around DEIB. Network recruiting firms are continuously building out diverse talent pools through partnerships with diversity councils and organizations to ensure companies are connecting with the best talent to drive innovation and productivity.   
  • Supplemental resources. Hiring referred talent means spending less time sourcing LinkedIn and screening potential candidates. It also reduces the amount of money put into a single source hiring process. On top of giving time back to your hiring managers and teams, network recruiting opens doors to connections beyond potential hires. Using a network recruiting method, organizations are able to meet additional leaders, investors, board members, and more who can help advise your business as it scales.


Network Recruitment Strategies 

Looking to test a network recruiting method in-house? Cross-collaboration between your hiring and marketing teams can help kickstart the process. To begin, we recommend implementing:

  • Employee referral programs. Incentivizing your employees to refer colleagues from their own networks gives your company access to a super network of pre-screened active and passive candidates your hiring team might have otherwise missed.
  • Social media campaigns. LinkedIn experiences 1 billion interactions every month. Creating a campaign on the social media platform for your employees to share with their greater network makes space for countless new connections. In your campaign, make sure to define your open roles, identify key experience and characteristics you’re looking for, and outline the different benefits packages available.
  • Networking events. Popup networking events in various cities create opportunities to meet industry innovators across the country. This is especially beneficial for hybrid or remote-first organizations. Broadcasting the event across your leadership team’s and employee’s networks will help form connections with everyone from middle management to executive leaders.

How Hunt Club Excels in Network Recruiting

At Hunt Club, our AI powered recruiting platform and Talent Advisors tap into our collective network of business leaders to identify and source the right individuals for your roles. 

Our approach to talent acquisition helps companies efficiently scale, proactively helping them plan for building out the best downstream teams and positions that will help shape the future of their business. 

"Traditionally you work with a recruiter and you get hooked up with their Rolodex, which can be somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 people on LinkedIn, but they really only know a couple hundred," Hunt Club Co-Founder and CEO, Nick Cromydas told Chicago Inno. "And when it’s all about who you know, better relationships equals better sourcing." 

Our approach to talent acquisition helps companies efficiently scale, proactively helping them plan for building out the best downstream teams and positions that will help shape the future of their business. 

Through network recruiting, our Talent Advisors have access to a vast network of industry leaders who have real relationships with world-class candidates. As a result, you are introduced to top talent that has the necessary skills, experience, and drive your company is looking for.

Start Recruiting with Hunt Club

Hunt Club’s network recruiting approach gives your company access to a vast network of talented individuals. Bringing together best-in-class recruiting technology and curated talent consultant teams, we connect you with the right person, at the right time.

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