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The Power of a Trusted Introduction Through Hunt Club's Expert Network

Morgan Lichtenstein
3 min read

Only a few years ago, COVID-19 made it nearly impossible to imagine running into a former colleague in line at Starbucks or meeting for a lunch interview downtown.

It had profoundly transformed the way the recruiting industry and businesses everywhere operated, prompting a significant shift towards virtual communications and remote hiring processes. While technology and telecommunication helped facilitate our connections in some way, they also created unintentional distance from others, putting the onus on us to stay in touch and proactively build upon our personal and professional networks. 

But as most of us experienced, the majority of our networks were lost in the abyss of LinkedIn and other virtual platforms, making it difficult to cut through the noise and have a voice.  

So while technology helped us stay in touch, it highlighted one glaring truth we all felt: It couldn't completely replace the face-to-face interactions we shared and the value of building personal connections. 

Now, times have changed (again). We've learned that amidst technological advancements and virtual communication, the enduring strength of in-person relationships remains irreplaceable. The best recruiters are now emphasizing cultivating deeper connections with candidates and clients, recognizing the power of in-person relationships and their ability to foster trust, understanding, and mutual success.


The Power of a Trusted Introduction 

What if we told you that a more effective way to navigate your network and regain that feeling of genuine connection is within reach?  What if we also told you there is an opportunity to access an elite community of founders, executives, investors, and leaders with similar values, who are actively looking to advance social capital?  Well, there is. 

This is a story about the power of a trusted introduction, and how taking two minutes out of a busy day can help someone land their dream job. 

Meet Lindsay Knight: Industry-Leading Innovator and Investor 

Lindsay Knight-1

Lindsay Knight, Partner at Chicago Ventures works with the firm’s 50+ active portfolio companies to help grow and scale their businesses.  As a master of her craft, Lindsay is constantly finding strategic ways to offer companies cutting-edge value through matchmaking talent, communication and PR, and helping the creme-de-la-creme of startups build community. 

“A lot can be learned and gained from helping early-stage companies connect and learn from each other.  They are mentoring, sharing talent, teaching - offering immense long-term value,” said Lindsay Knight.  

Lindsay is also one of Hunt Club’s most prominent, well-connected Experts. Hunt Club’s Expert Community is designed to connect influential people with the right opportunity at the right time.  With the click of a button, Experts like Lindsay, are in a unique position to elevate and impact the lives of others, opening doors to unexpected opportunities.  

As an Expert, Lindsay receives curated introduction requests to connect quality contacts in her network for relevant open roles. When an opportunity to introduce a former Chicago Ventures portfolio company contact and friend, Adam Perry, came through, Lindsay’s thoughtful introduction helped shape the next chapter in Adam’s HR career. 

"When thinking about hiring or making referrals for startups, the first thing I try to gauge is the candidate's risk tolerance and experience with an early-stage company," said Lindsay.  "Having worked closely with Adam in the past, I knew he could manage the ups, down, and uncertainties of what it takes to effectively scale a business." 

Meet Adam Perry: Passionate, Global HR Executive 

Adam Perry

Adam Perry, a seasoned HR professional in Chicago was not actively looking for a new role.  As most of today’s professionals can relate, constant solicitations for jobs through email and LinkedIn flooded his inbox.

“I tend to delete them all. But when a Hunt Club email read ‘Lindsay Knight has recommended you for the VP of HR at PerkSpot,’ I immediately took notice,” explained Adam. 

“If someone I respect and trust as much as Lindsay took the time to refer me — and if she trusts I can do the job — I was extra motivated to take a look, and ultimately, more excited to invest time in the process.”  

Candidates Are In the Driver's Seat 

Lindsay’s introduction encouraged Adam to put his best foot forward during the recruiting process.  While he was genuinely interested in the opportunity, it was also important for Adam to keep his values top of mind. “To ultimately be happy at work at this stage in my career, I wanted to have a seat at the table and trust from my team to shape the agenda and future direction of a growing company,” said Adam.  “But I also like to roll up my sleeves, and working for smaller companies under 500 employees allows me to do both successfully.”  

There has never been a more opportune time to unlock the power of your network.  When a top, vetted candidate is referred to you, it grants candidates, like Adam, the ability to control more of the recruiting and hiring process than cold candidates are typically used to.  For companies to win top talent, their ability to adapt and meet candidate expectations is critical for growth. 


Want to learn more about Chicago Ventures? 

The firm leads the way for strategic seed rounds, power startups from their earliest stages to effectively grow and scale.  Connect with Chicago Ventures. 

Want to learn more about PerkSpot?

The Chicago-based startup is on a mission to inspire employees everywhere to love where they work by delivering meaningful savings and recognition in their workplace.  Learn more here.

Want to learn more about Hunt Club’s Expert Network?

Feeling inspired?  Looking for your dream job?  Join the community of change-makers. 

As a Hunt Club Expert, you gain access to an elite professional community of founders, investors, senior executives, and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Members of this community represent the fastest-growing and most innovative companies changing business as we know it.  

The Expert Network is designed to connect influential people with the right opportunity at the right time.  Our motto is based on elevating relationships, driving trusted introductions, and advancing social capital.

With a more effective way to navigate your network, you are part of a group of global leaders who have the power to positively impact the lives of others. 

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