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York IE, Hunt Club Partner to Help Tech Companies Win Top Talent

Nick Cromydas
2 min read

(Manchester, N.H., July 25) — As strategic, efficient business models replace the growth-at-all-costs approach, more tech companies are prioritizing strong internal leadership and putting even greater emphasis on finding the right people.

To help its advisory clients and portfolio companies navigate this increasingly competitive talent marketplace, York IE, a vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm for technology companies, has partnered with Hunt Club, a full-service recruiting company that is powered by technology and community to connect businesses with the world’s best talent.

Through the partnership, York IE’s Advisory as a Service clients and portfolio companies will receive preferred pricing on first searches and complimentary talent consulting services.

“Contrary to what so many institutional investors think, tech companies aren’t built by spreadsheets,” said Kyle York, CEO, York IE. “They’re built by human beings. Finding the right people can be a force multiplier that unlocks a startup’s potential. And for enterprises, injecting the right innovative talent can be transformational. Hunt Club has reimagined recruiting, which is why we’re so pleased to align with their network-driven approach.”

Companies looking for agile, dynamic leaders to navigate the nuances of today’s ever-changing market can get started with Hunt Club’s talent team at https://www.huntclub.com/get-started.


Helping Accelerate Efficiencies for Growth-Stage Companies and Founders

With a greater emphasis now being placed on efficient growth, trusted strategic partners who can help experienced leaders with execution are also becoming more important. As a result, Hunt Club will refer its clients to York IE’s Advisory as a Service offering, which provides hands-on, tech-enabled help in the following areas:

“No matter how great a company is at hiring, there are always gaps on any team based on how fast the world changes in tech,” said Nick Cromydas, CEO and co-founder, Hunt Club. “York IE has created profound access to the resources these companies and their teams need to fill in the blanks across a wide variety of skills and teammates needed to win. They have invented an entirely new approach in becoming an extension of a company’s operating team, focused on real value and real outcomes.”

Companies seeking to Fuel their strategic growth through Advisory as a Service can connect with York IE at https://york.ie/services-request/.



York IE® is a vertically integrated strategic growth and investment firm for technology companies. The company supports ambitious entrepreneurs, operators and investors on their quest to build startups, innovate at scale and disrupt markets. York IE leverages its proprietary data and automation technology and deep operational expertise to provide advisory as a service and to selectively invest in early-stage B2B SaaS. Fuel® Your Strategic Growth at York IE.



Hunt Club is a full-service recruiting company powered by technology and community. Developing the largest talent network of business leaders to make trusted introductions to hard-to-reach candidates, Hunt Club is reinventing how companies source and hire top talent. Hunt Club works with high-growth startups from seed stage to IPO, and enterprise companies transforming their talent pool including goPuff, G2, Typeform, Upwork, Terminus, Made In, SeatGeek, and dozens of portfolio companies across many of the world’s top VCs and PE firms.

By leveraging the power of relationships and technology, Hunt Club’s high-performance talent recruiters can make the right connections and fill roles significantly faster. Hunt Club is rethinking every part of the search process to deliver the most efficient and effective hiring experience for employers and candidates.


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