How to Prevent a Bad Hire

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November 13, 2019Hiring Recruiting Jobs

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We've all experienced working with someone who turned out to be wrong for the job. Consider the situations you've been in. What behavior have you observed from a coworker that in your eyes made them a bad fit? Were they always late to work? Maybe they were hypercritical of your work (and your lunch choices).

Hiring great people is without a doubt one of the most critical aspects of running a company.

For almost all hiring managers, sourcing candidates has always been a challenge, and in today's current hiring climate, the competition for recruiting top candidates is fiercer than ever.

We're all aware hiring mistakes are costly to a business, but did you know that by some estimates, a wrong hire can cost the company as much as a quarter million dollars?

The wrong hire doesn’t just throw budgets and ROI out of whack either. There's a ripple effect; it goes deeper by affecting employee productivity, morale, engagement—all compromising an organization’s success.

As someone responsible for infusing your company with great talent, how can you ensure your time, resources and energy aren't wasted with the wrong candidates? In a tight market, what can you do to ensure you get the right candidate onboard the first time around to avoid costly mistakes?

Download your free copy of our whitepaper and uncover ways to strengthen your hiring processes to improve new-hire retention, helping you prevent costly repercussions associated with hiring the wrong person.

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