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Hi Marley’s Path to Growth: Building a Strong Engineering Team

Michelle Han-Taylor
2 min read

Imagine if communicating with your insurance company was as easy and intuitive as chatting with a friend. No long wait times, no frustrating forms — just clear, instant responses. 

Enter Hi Marley, the first intelligent conversational platform built for property and casualty insurance and powered by SMS. They’ve flipped the script on traditional insurance communication, transforming it into a seamless conversation directly on your phone.

The company has grown and gained significant attention for this innovative, tech-driven approach, attracting a growing roster of clients who are eager to transform their customer communication experience. To support and accelerate this growth even further, specifically with a focus on their technology, Hi Marley recognized the need to bring in more top talent, both in executive and individual contributor roles. 

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The Challenge: Building a Strong Candidate Pipeline

In order to support the rapid evolution and growth of their proprietary tech, Hi Marley needed to hire a VP of Security & Cloud Operations, in addition to three Engineering manager roles. 

“We have a lean internal talent acquisition team, and their superpowers are ensuring the candidate experience is top-notch, building relationships with our hiring teams, and ensuring the process is run well," Stefanie Bishop, Hi Marley's Chief People Officer, shared. "We close candidates well, likely because of the high-quality process and experience. That said, because of the time and dedication spent there, we do not have the time or the expertise to source niche engineering talent alone.


The Solution: Meeting Hi Marley Where They Were in Their Process

Traditional recruitment firms rarely, if ever, build out tailored partnerships that allow for companies and hiring managers to get the most value where they need it in the recruitment process. stefanie bishop quote vertical

“Hunt Club worked with Hi Marley’s TA team to fill the most important gaps in our process, which included building out a pipeline of quality, vetted candidates. Their work not only saved us time on market mapping, but also ensured that we only interviewed qualified, engaged talent.

I have worked in the recruiting space for over 20 years and I’ve never encountered a team more willing to be flexible, reasonable, and collaborative when working with us. They truly served as an extension of our team,” said Stefanie Bishop.  

The Hunt Club Search Team met Hi Marley where they were in the process of hiring their engineering roles, stepping in to conduct interviews alongside them, and helping to fill in the gaps to build the strongest pipeline possible of qualified engineering talent.


The Results

Leveraging Hunt Club’s Expert Network and AI sourcing technology, Hunt Club’s search team helped build a robust pipeline of qualified candidates for Hi Marley's engineering roles. Through the partnership, Hunt Club also ran the search for their VP of Security & Cloud Operations from start to finish alongside building out the pipeline for other key engineering positions.

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Hunt Club Works With Your Internal Talent Teams to Hire the Best Talent

As an extension of your talent acquisition team, Hunt Club seamlessly integrates with your internal processes to meet you exactly where you are. By collaborating closely with your existing team, we help deliver a smooth and efficient hiring experience and connect you with top-tier candidates who will drive your business forward.

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