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How to Build a Great Culture Driven by Company Values

MGHeadshotMike Gamson
Former LinkedIn Executive and
current CEO of Relativity

The companies that have the best cultures in the world are clear about their values and diversity methods. Yet, this is achieved by very few. Most companies put values on the walls but don’t live by them.

In this fireside chat, Mike Gamson shares proven strategies for building successful value-driven cultures.

We'll cover:

  • How to build great values and instill them throughout the organization
  • The role that values play in driving a successful culture and business
  • How to include diversity as part of your core values


Mike Gamson
CEO, Relativity

Mike brings over 20 years of recruitment, sales, and product marketing experience to Relativity, as CEO. In his former role at LinkedIn, Mike oversaw LinkedIn’s Global Solutions Organization (GSO) for its more than 30 offices worldwide, focusing on servicing corporate customers in three primary areas—talent solutions, marketing solutions, and sales solutions.