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Digital Transformation Starts With the
Right Team

Bain Capital’s Operating Partner Darren Herman shares how to build great digital teams

Leading brands have started to insource elements of their marketing functions, including digital advertising, creative, and media buying. What combination of internal roles and external agencies make sense for your organization?

In this webinar, Darren Herman shares proven best practices on building digital teams.

We cover:

  • What digital transformation means today
  • How to build the right digital teams
  • The pros and cons of building teams internally vs. using external firms
  • How to hire digitally native talent



Darren Herman
Operating Partner, Bain Capital

Darren Herman joined Bain Capital in October 2016 as an Operating Partner presiding over digital media, advertising, e-commerce, and data. He splits his time between the Portfolio Team and Deal Teams where he uses his industry operating experience to source new opportunities for Bain Capital.