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The Best Sacramento Startups in Tech

Morgan Lichtenstein
4 min read

There’s just something about Sacramento. 

The smooth melding of disparate cultures into one harmonious whole caused Time magazine to name it "America's most diverse city," and with the vibrant friendliness of a small town combined with a big city vibe, Sacramento is something else.  

Its restaurant scene is to die for, with culinary delights to rival those found in the epicurean centers of the world. However, one of the best things about Sacramento is its thriving startup culture.

The state of the startup scene in Sacramento

Sacramento might seem like an unlikely place for startups. However, startups are flocking to the "City of Trees" because many things about it make for a thriving startup culture.

Sacramento offers a rich entrepreneurial environment, full of top-tier tech talent and known for birthing wildly imaginative business ideas. This helps fuel the meteoric rise of visionary early-stage companies that redefine entire sectors.

Numerous incubators, pitch competitions, accelerators, and superb co-working spaces mean startups have abundant resources they can use to grow their business to unprecedented heights. There are also some first-rate grants and programs that help startups succeed in the city.

The high cost of living in the Bay Area forces approximately 200,000 people to move out every year. Expenses for startups in Sacramento are often substantially less than in the Bay Area, so investment dollars go farther. Also, with labor in Silicon Valley so expensive, Sacramento can appear a better choice for many budget-conscious tech startups.

Sacramento has become a hotbed of tech companies. They run the gamut from iconic names like Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and Oracle to tiny enterprises yet to make their mark on the startup ecosystem.

Unlike Silicon Valley, which leans heavily towards consumer and business-to-business tech enterprises, Sacramento hosts a diverse mix of tech businesses in varied fields including agricultural technology, biotechnology, and technology manufacturing.

10 Sacramento tech startups to look out for

Electro Scan Inc.

Electro Scan bills itself as pioneering “award-winning machine-intelligent leak detection” service which develops sensors and cloud apps to check sewer, water, and gas pipelines for leaks before they can cause problems.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and East Bay Municipal Utility District (MUD) are prominent clients.


The mission of Rezku POS is to solve the most demanding challenges facing bar and restaurant businesses when they try to generate revenue. It’s the passion project of veteran restaurateur and computer technology pioneer Paul Katsch.

Resku POS is designed to alleviate operational burdens and delivers more actionable insights to eating establishments. That way, they can pinpoint strategies that work and eliminate those that are counterproductive.

The software is jam-packed with valuable features, including online ordering, inventory management, loyalty rewards, delivery management, and a gift card program.

Rhombus Systems

Rhombus provides next-generation video security for companies. 

They take traditional video security systems, jettison all the complicated hardware, and add proprietary software intelligence backed by powerful AI and computer vision.

This allows businesses to unlock a treasure trove of data from video. One of the things the software helps them to do is to understand space utilization through people analytics. In other words, to utilize facial recognition to know when suspicious people are in a building.

Everything is cloud-managed, so businesses can control unlimited cameras remotely using a single console.  


NatureTrak LLC provides compliance infrastructure for cannabis banking and helps cannabis companies get their licenses verified. 

Their cannabis products are also tracked and traced, which is a nationwide requirement for all cannabis operators. It does this using a state-of-the-art SaaS platform custom-built for the cannabis industry.

Since the company started, over one billion dollars in cannabis-related transactions have been validated and verified. The software accepts cash deposits and payments, sends payouts, and manages bank transactions.

Propel Fuels

California, the world's seventh-largest economy and third-largest petroleum market, has some of the nation's most stringent carbon reduction and clean air standards. Propel Fuels, California's largest retailer of low-carbon liquid fuels, helps businesses adhere to these regulations.

Rob Elam, the founder, moved the enterprise from Redwood City to Sacramento because of its abundant opportunities. He said, "The low carbon economy is being defined in Sacramento. There's nowhere we'd rather be."

The country's low-carbon economy is likely to grow over the foreseeable future, and Sacramento will be right in the middle of it. Technology plays an integral role in this environmentally friendly startup.

To help it reach its objectives, Propel Fuels created a platform that leverages ground-breaking low carbon consumer analytics, data-driven infrastructure location technologies, a station locator, and a real-time pricing app.


Riskalyze is a risk management system for investment advisors. 

Its technology is based on the ideas that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002, and the platform helps investors align investments with their risk tolerance level, which helps to make them more successful investors.

Fast Company magazine named Riskalyze as one of the world’s top 10 most innovative finance companies.


HomeZada is a financial tech startup that helps individuals keep their finances organized so they can stay on top of bills.

Users can track financial details like their home’s value, household expenses, maintenance costs, and completed projects. They can also view the housing market to compare their property with others. HomeZada also makes it easy to organize all your financial information in one central location.

This means that people tracking their finances no longer need to write this information down nor worry about storing it in a safe and secure place. All your sensitive financial information is stored in the cloud and is easily accessible from any smart device.

ResQ Medical

ResQ Medical seeks to enhance efficiency and boost healthcare workers’ productivity by reducing documentation. It does this by using smartphones to automatically record and generate real-time reports.

ResQ’s real-time compliance checklist keeps work hours organized for administrators. With the reports the software generates, administrators can view average weekly hours and see if a doctor violated procedures by working for 24 hours straight or 80 hours in a single week.

If there’s a violation, administrators can download the hourly work logs to scrutinize them in more detail.


HealthLinkNow is a network of psychiatrists and licensed mental health providers who remotely provide psychiatric care for areas with a shortage of mental health professionals.

This flexible healthcare solution is designed to help people who desperately need mental health treatment and assist overwhelmed healthcare facilities with meeting the demands of their patients. 

HealthLinkNow incorporates telemedicine, scheduling, practice management, and electronic health records into a low-maintenance online service.

Medical Datasoft International

Medical Datasoft boldly promises to do for healthcare what Google has done for search engines. 

The company’s proprietary technology, MDInterview.com, provides cloud-based computer-patient interview software that assists medical and mental health professionals in patient assessment and treatment. 

The interview, which can be conducted anywhere there's Internet access, creates a professionally written medical history that's instantly loaded into the doctor’s EHR (Electronic Health Records).

The software reduces time-consuming data entry tasks for physicians, and patients get to be more involved in their healthcare.

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