Checklist: Empower Your Team to Master Remote Work

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April 1, 2020COVID-19

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With an enforced shelter in place through April, many companies have required employees to work from their homes.

Pre-coronavirus, close to a quarter of the U.S. workforce had already worked from home. However, for the remaining, new policies have separated employees and managers from each other for the first time. 

In times of crisis and changing circumstances, it’s not always feasible to have clear remote-work policies and training in advance. With all the other things going on, it’s just not feasible.

Even when there’s little to no time to prepare, there are fortunately, specific steps leaders and managers can take to improve productivity, collaboration, and culture of remote workers

As companies move away from embracing work face-to-face, it’s also time to help strengthen the skills necessary for working remotely

Key insights in this checklist include: 

  • Challenges of working remotely
  • Skills to help your team master and the positives of remote work
  • Tools to be successful

Download the "How to Help Your Team Develop the Essential Skills to Work Remotely" Checklist

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