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6 Reasons To Work With Engineering Staffing Agencies + What To Look For

Morgan Lichtenstein
6 min read

Your business is growing, and you're looking to hire an experienced engineer to help your teams innovate and solve problems. 

But recruiting the top engineers isn't so easy these days. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Society of Professional Engineers, the profession needs to grow by a staggering 15% to meet staffing demands in the United States alone.

With a limited talent pool to hire from, traditional recruiting challenges are amplified — which could lead to major headaches as you try to source the right candidate for the job. 

Fortunately, the right engineering recruiter can alleviate these burdens, putting their expertise to work and sourcing the industry's best talent for you.

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What To Look For in an Engineering Recruiter

Whether you need to hire a staff software engineer, software engineering manager, or even an SVP of Engineering, having the right recruiter on your team can make all the difference. A great engineering recruiter can improve your company's time to hire while improving the quality of your candidates.

Of course, not all recruiters make for excellent engineering recruiters. There are a few distinct things to look for that can make a huge difference in your next hiring process for engineering.


Hands-On Experience in the Engineering Field

When recruiting for any technical role, having hands-on experience in the field isn't just a bonus — it's a necessity. 

With so much specialized terminology and job challenges that are highly specific to engineers, the most successful recruiters can connect with job seekers on a genuine level because they've worked in the industry themselves.

These recruiters understand what engineering professionals are looking for in a new role and how to confidently determine whether a candidate is a good match for the company. They can ask the right questions and carry out relevant assessments to hone in on the right fit, all while speaking an engineer's language and keeping the candidate's experience positive.

A recruiter with proven experience in engineering will also stay current on industry trends and innovations that can affect both the hiring process and the scope of the role itself. This is a level of knowledge and foresight that you may not get from a generalized recruiter or hiring manager.


Utilizes Modern Tools and Innovative Strategies

Sourcing engineering candidates can be one of the biggest challenges of any recruiter's job. One reason for that?

A 2023 CS Careerline article reports that the shortage of software engineers has hit peak levels — and up to 85.2 million technical jobs may go unfilled by 2030.

With this in mind, recruiters need to get a little more creative when it comes to sourcing qualified candidates; gone are the days of simply publishing a few job listings and waiting for the applications to come in. 

Instead, recruiters need to tap into other sources of talent such as up-and-coming technology (like innovative AI-driven search software), social media (including the LinkedIn professional network), and even robust referral programs with current employees. 

A great engineering recruiter will have a solid understanding of how these different recruitment methods can be used to source the right talent. Engineers are also inherently tech-driven and technologically advanced, so your recruiters will need to equally keep pace with the talent they're trying to hire. For example, the best engineering recruiters will have the following expertise:

  • Thorough understanding of multiple coding languages, including (but not limited to) C++, Python, Java, PHP, C#.
  • Familiarity with commonly used software programs and tools within the industry, like Python, MATLAB, and Solid Edge.
  • Ability to stay current on industry news, trends, and advancements.

Vast Network of Industry Contacts

One of the most important aspects of recruiting engineers is having the right connections. Ideally, an engineering recruiter will be proficient in network recruiting, which sources talent from a diverse pool by sharing open engineering jobs with large networks of industry leaders they personally know. From there, leaders can specifically recommend talent to open engineering positions as they see fit.

This method of recruiting has proven to be very effective in the software, information technology (IT), and engineering industries because it helps companies find top candidates more quickly while pre-vetting them in the process. 

By working with an engineering recruiter who already has access to a large network of existing industry contacts and experts, you lean on a built-in community and leverage its effects to find the most suitable fit for your most critical engineering roles.


Top 6 Reasons To Work With Engineering Staffing Agencies

Still not convinced that your company needs help from a recruiter to secure the best engineering talent in the industry? Consider a handful of the most compelling reasons to start working with an experienced engineering staffing agency. These apply whether you're looking to hire software engineers, electrical engineers, aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers, or anything in between.


1. Ability To Save Your Company Time and Money

Perhaps above all else, a great engineering recruitment agency will have the skills and resources required to help your company save money (and valuable time) in the hiring process. 

With vetted talent acquisition specialists working with your company's best interests in mind, you'll be able to more quickly and efficiently find the best talent in the industry. From there, you can make job offers more promptly, which can cut down on the chances of getting into a bidding war with another agency and possibly save you on salary costs or high turnover costs from hiring the wrong candidate(s).


2. Specific Recruitment Expertise That Streamlines the Hiring Process

If you're having trouble recruiting engineering talent for your current job openings, it may be time to look closely at your hiring process: How many rounds of interviews are you holding for each position? How long are your HR and hiring managers taking to make an offer? 

These are all important factors that can impact the success of your recruiting processes. A knowledgeable recruiting firm will be well-versed in identifying these bottlenecks as well as curating the most effective and streamlined hiring process for your unique needs. They’re also able to assess your current recruitment process and find ways to streamline it, which can help you fill open positions more quickly and efficiently.


3. Gives Your Company Access to a Large, Custom Pool of Qualified Candidates

An experienced staffing company that works specifically with engineering professionals can go a long way in opening up your pool of potential candidates. Rather than relying on your own network connections and job postings alone, working with a technical recruiting firm means you'll have access to their network, too. 

At Hunt Club, our Expert Community comprises more than 20,000 business leaders, giving our Search Team access to 8 million quality candidates to draw upon for your technical recruiting needs. This is a level of connection you simply can't expect to achieve with in-house recruiting alone.

See how Lucra Sports, an online gaming platform, leveraged Hunt Club's Expert Network of over 115k+ Engineers to source and hire its new Lead Backend Engineer in our case study!


4. Allows Flexibility With Your Hiring Needs

A capable staffing firm understands that not all employers have the same hiring needs — especially in the dynamic field of engineering. You may be looking to hire a temporary team of engineers to develop a very specific product, or you may be looking to bring a single full-time hire on board. 

Regardless of your exact needs, the right recruitment services will allow plenty of flexibility. Whether your company is still in the early or startup stages or has reached the enterprise level, an engineering staffing agency will offer the versatility, flexibility, and expertise to fill open roles in a way that works for your unique business.


5. Gives Your Leadership Peace of Mind

Your existing team of engineers and engineering leadership is relying on you to find the right candidate for a direct hire. But if you don't have specific engineering expertise and industry knowledge, you could overlook the best talent for the job, thus letting your project managers and other engineering teams down.

When you opt to work with an engineering recruitment agency, you can give your leadership the confidence and peace of mind they need during the hiring process. You'll demonstrate to them that you care enough about the success of their projects that you decided to work with an experienced team of talent acquisition professionals to fill such an important role. This, in turn, inspires more faith and trust in your decision-making.


6. Provides a High Level of Expertise

When hiring talent for highly complex engineering roles, you need a talent acquisition team that can offer high levels of industry expertise; simply working with a generic staffing agency may not be enough. 

Instead, teaming up with a technical staffing agency and full-service talent partner provides you with the precise engineering expertise your company needs to successfully recruit in this competitive and ever-changing field.

At Hunt Club, our recruiters are the best because they've worked in the engineering field. They understand what today's top candidates are looking for — and how companies can optimize their recruitment processes (and improve the experience for talent) in the process. Meanwhile, they can still provide the high level of service, communication, and responsiveness you expect from a professional recruiter. 

The result? You get the best of both worlds (and reap the benefits in your next hiring process).


Need To Hire Top Engineering Talent? Let Hunt Club Help

With best-in-class recruiters and a strong talent acquisition approach, Hunt Club understands that each talent search is unique. That's why we have access to a network of 20,000+ experts with specific connections in the engineering and tech fields to suit your company's needs.

Unlike most traditional recruiters, Hunt Club utilizes personalized referrals from real people and proprietary search software to hone in on the absolute best candidates in the job market. 

Our recruiters have real-world engineering knowledge and truly understand what it takes to source technically proficient, self-motivated engineers. These experienced professionals work with companies of all sizes, ranging from early-stage/startup to enterprise-level businesses.

If you're ready to find the best engineering talent for your growing business, Hunt Club is here to help. Let us put our collective years of engineering experience and proprietary technology to work for you. 

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