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5 Min
How to Use Accel to Fundraise For Your Startup When you’re looking to raise funds with your startup, you have a dizzying number of options. Trying to narrow down the possibilities can be a …
Professional on a business video call.
7 Min
Hiring Your First Marketer? Here’s What You Need To Know If you’re a startup founder and looking to hire your first ever marketer, congratulations!
Two professionals working at a computer together.
5 Min
Series A Valuation: Overview, Costs, Opportunities Most successful startups raise capital through rounds of external funding.
Group of professionals talking in a meeting.
5 Min
How Much Should a COO Equity Grant Be? If you're a startup founder, you might be wondering when you should bring aboard your very first CEO.
Executive smiling at the camera from their desk.
7 Min
What Happens When Multiple Employees Quit at the Same Time? Waves of constant employee turnover are demoralizing, costly, and kill productivity.
A professional looking seriously at their computer.
6 Min
What’s the Best Startup Salary? And Other Questions About Compensation Learn how much startup employees make, how to negotiate the best salary you can, why salary isn't the most crucial thing when it comes to …
Two professionals smiling toward the camera.
6 Min
20 Uncommon Questions for an Interview So many job candidates endlessly rehearse answers to the trite and tired interview questions they expect from recruiters.
Professional smiling toward the camera while on the phone.
5 Min
Should You Use Human Resource Executive Search Firms? A first-rate human resources department is indispensable when it comes to having a motivated and engaged workforce.
Professional smiling toward the camera.
5 Min
Talent Analytics: Why Do You Need It? What is talent analytics? Talent analytics is a data-driven method for managing people on the job. Using this approach, managers make better …
A professional concentrating at their laptop.
5 Min
A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Recruitment What is strategic recruitment? A strategic recruitment plan is a detailed roadmap on how to attract high-caliber talent for your organization. With …
A professional chatting on the phone at their desk.
5 Min
Need Good Candidates Fast? It Starts With Talent Planning Your most precious business asset is your people.
talent planning
5 Min
How to Build a Hiring Committee That Attracts Top Talent If your goal is to hire the right person, consider hiring as a team.
A group of professionals high-fiving around a table.
6 Min
How to Find Employees: 8 Tactics in Finding the Right One Employees are the lifeblood of your business, but even in the best of times, it can be a struggle to find the right employees for your workforce. …
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