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Building Effective Sales Teams: On-Demand Webinar

Learn From the Most Common Sales Mistakes

To build successful sales teams, you need the right strategy and infrastructure in place. But, inevitably, mistakes happen. 

Join this webinar to learn from the missteps of four top sales executives. They’ll share the lessons they learned, so you can turn their mishaps into valuable takeaways to develop a strong sales team.  

Don’t miss this inside look at the sales playbooks developed by revenue leaders at top brands. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to overcome sales development challenges
  • How to effectively build outbound sales teams
  • How to create a long-term outbound sales pipeline 
  • Valuable lessons on targeting, tactics, team structure and metrics



Huntclub headshot Template (4) Aaron Ross
Co-CEO, Predictable Revenue
Huntclub headshot Template (2) Laura Moniz 
VP Revenue Growth, nudge
Huntclub headshot Template Kim Walsh
Global VP, HubSpot for X
Huntclub headshot Template (5) Nick Cromydas
Co-Founder & CEO, Hunt Club
Huntclub headshot Template (3) Lauren Zaleski
VP of Service Operations, Hunt Club