Our Story

Hunt Club believes when the right person introduces the right opportunity at the right time, it’s the most powerful connection in business.

So, we created a dynamic network of changemakers and an innovative platform to transform the way industry leaders connect and find talent.

Hunt Club Founders, Scott Kacyn, Nick Cromydas, and Sami Ahmed

Why we started Hunt Club

Launched in 2014, Hunt Club was born to improve the talent partner experience by combining referrals, network effects, and technology to help high-growth startups hire incredible talent.

Our model has continuously proven to be the most effective way to connect the best talent with the best companies.

A new approach to recruiting

We understand the power a single network can have on someone’s career. But we wanted to go bigger. Our Expert Network of 25,000+ industry leaders connects you to the right talent through our network recruiting approach.

Beyond recruiting, our team establishes long-term relationships with high-growth companies, serving as an ongoing trusted advisor to continuously attract, retain, and place top talent for key positions.

Hunt Club CEO Nick Cromydas giving a speech

Our Mission

Create the best hiring experience through technology, people, and networks.

Our Vision

Help companies grow through trusted relationships.

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Disrupting and transforming talent acquisition

Our network recruiting model has changed the way companies approach talent acquisition. Our world-class Talent Advisors have helped thousands of organizations build strong teams. From startups to enterprise businesses, we are your talent partner.

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Building world-class teams centered around DEI & B

Cultivating an organization around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging begins at hiring but expands far beyond.

Hunt Club is dedicated to helping companies achieve their hiring imperatives by connecting your team with top talent and helping you garner a welcoming, productive, and dynamic office culture.

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Elevating hiring through strategic partnerships

Our partnership with Parentaly empowers the companies we work with to turn parental leave into a competative advantage.


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Parentaly founder Alison Whalen