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Recruitment Methods: 8 Tactics to Find the Perfect Hire

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May 19, 2020Recruiting

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s estimated that over 36 million Americans are now unemployed, turning many Americans into active job seekers.

If you’re looking to fill positions at your company, now is the perfect time to start the search for your new hires; and in utilizing a wide range of recruitment methods, you’re more likely to find the right talent eager to take on an open opportunity.

Here are eight recruitment methods you or your recruiter should consider when searching for your next new employee.

8 Methods of Recruiting Employees

1. Promote Internally

When looking to find the right employee, it’s good practice to tap into both internal and external networks. Internally, this includes posting your job opening to your company website and leaning on your own HR department, but it also includes looking for potential transfers and promotions within your organization or among recently retired employees.

The reality is that the perfect fit for your job opening might already exist within your four walls. Promoting a current or recent employee can open up another position that is much easier to fill. This type of move can also save your company money that would otherwise be spent onboarding and training a brand new employee. The Saratoga Institute reports that an external hire costs 1.7 times more than an internal hire.

These internal hires often have higher success rates as well. Research by the University of Pennsylvania suggests that internal hires display higher performance during their first two years.

2. Post on Career Sites and Job Boards

There is no shortage of career sites and job boards that can be used for your job posting—Monster, Career Builder, and Indeed, to name only a few. In using these platforms, you or your recruiter will get access to a pool of both passive and active job seekers.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using various job boards for your talent search is that you’re able to see a variety of skill sets available through Boolean search techniques—which will help you find what is often referred to as the “purple squirrel” of candidates needed for the position.

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3. Attend Networking Events

One recruitment method that is less pursued but often very effective is attending local networking events. Not only does attending networking events increase awareness of your brand and build your company’s local presence, but it can also help you spot passive talent. Keep in mind that this type of interaction could be your first and last chance to make an impression on certain candidates, so you’ll want to be well prepared before a networking event.

4. Engage Employee and Industry Referrals

If you need a hire who is the perfect fit for your company culture, consider leaning on referrals from employees and industry colleagues. Not only can your current employees be powerful ambassadors for your organization but they can often be more effective in identifying strong candidates, as they are more familiar with the everyday needs of the team.

In fact, employee referrals are the top source of quality hires, according to 48% of companies. Hiring a prospective candidate who already has a relationship with one of your employees is likely to make the onboarding process much easier and help develop a sense of camaraderie from the get-go.

You can also partner with recruiting agencies who can provide referrals from industry leaders and experts. Hunt Club has an expert network of senior leaders, founders and VPs who refer top candidates for open positions. Leaning on the expertise and network of a recruitment agency or headhunter will give you access to a larger pool of talent, and increase the likelihood that a candidate is interested in your role.

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5. Explore Artificial Intelligence

AI is increasingly used to filter through applications and resumes quickly, narrowing down the pool of qualified candidates. On a much deeper level, however, AI can even be used throughout the screening and interview processes. Rather than interviewing directly with a recruiter or business executive, a chatbot can facilitate an interview, asking candidates questions, and using their answers to qualify or disqualify candidates in real-time. 

This method has paved the way for companies to perform high-volume hiring in industries that have high turnover rates and a constant need for new hires. At the very least, it allows recruiters and businesses to sift through large pools of applicants, leaving only a few top candidates for final interviews with businesses.

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6. Use Social Media to Source 

Over 84% of companies use social media for recruiting, making it an extremely popular recruitment method. Besides reaching your own personal network right off the bat, you can also use your job posting to evangelize and gain referrals from family, friends, and acquaintances.

Whenever you use LinkedIn to recruit talent, make sure the job posting is specific, concise, and direct, and unmissable. As users scroll their timelines quickly, it’s more difficult for your post to be seen than you might assume. Be sure to not only post your opening to your own timeline and your company’s page but also in relevant networking groups on the platform. This will open up even more opportunities for prospects to find your opening.

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7. Passive Recruitment

It’s possible that you might never land the ideal candidate for your job opening, and this is often because most top talent aren’t active job seekers. Outsourcing your recruitment needs to professional recruiting companies or a headhunter is perhaps the best way to track down the top talent available.

While you may not have the time to seek out exactly what your business needs in a new hire, having a trusted recruiter dedicate time to identifying top talent in your industry, building connections, and pitching your employment opportunity can be highly effective. 

8. Leverage Video Interviews

There are times when schedules simply don’t line up, particularly if you’ve been headhunting top talent that is currently employed or when candidates are relocating. Utilizing video interviewing as a recruitment technique can be highly effective in pre-screening.

These automated pre-screening interviews allow candidates to perform interviews on their own time before finally moving on to either in-person interviews or video interviews with management.

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