Talent Acquisition

Hunt Club Search Platform

Our technology reimagines recruiting for a new age — scaling faster and farther than legacy models.

The Hunt Club Search Platform scans our database of 8 million quality candidates, leverages matching technology to identify bullseye candidates, and automates warm introductions.


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Automating the Recruiting Process

Our tech-enabled Search Platform automates as much of the recruiting process as possible, such as candidate sourcing, funnel management, communications, and scheduling.

This allows our recruiters the time to build personalized relationships with clients and candidates to ensure the best fit for a role.

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Candidate Matching Through Machine Learning

Our Search Platform is focused on providing deeper, more granular insights about candidates to enhance the matching strength and algorithm, reducing the time it takes to fill critical roles.

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Advanced Social Graphing

Hunt Club’s Search Platform visualizes professional networks in a sophisticated social graph. Our platform automatically enriches talent profiles with people and company data from multiple sources and builds custom workflows to engage them.


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Connect With Bullseye Candidates


Fill your most critical roles with Hunt Club. We help make connecting with hard-to-reach candidates, easier.

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