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5 Best Recruitment Agencies in Chicago

Michelle Han-Taylor
4 min read

If you're a Chicago-based business looking for high-quality candidates to fill your open positions, you're in luck. There are several award-winning recruiting firms in the Chicago area that can help fulfill your staffing needs. 

Working with a recruiting firm is a great way to fill your talent pipeline with qualified candidates. This helps you make better-quality hires, and gives your internal hiring teams more time to focus on their other responsibilities. 

Below are our top Chicago recruitment agency choices. Read on to compare and determine which is best suited to meet your organization's hiring needs.

1. Hunt Club

Hunt Club specializes in the new age of full-service recruitment, using technology and a diverse community to help connect businesses with executive and professional talent.

Hunt Club's team of Talent Advisors has years of experience building and nurturing strong candidate relationships. Our services leverage innovative technology and an extensive professional network to find the best candidates for our clients' open positions faster than traditional firms. 

If you want the best recruitment agency in the Midwest, then Hunt Club is ready to help — contact us today.

Areas of Hiring Focus

Hunt Club specializes in executive recruitment services, taking all the pressure off your hands and making it easy for you to recruit top talent. We excel in finding candidates for C-level roles: CEOs, CFOs, vice presidents, and other senior-level positions. However, Hunt Club can also help clients find seasoned professionals and individual contributors to fit into teams as middle-management leaders. 


Hunt Club is located at 33 North Dearborn Street, Suite 200, Chicago, IL.


2. Victory Lap

Started in 2010, Victory Lap helps people find long-term careers in tech sales while helping companies grow and build successful teams. Victory Lap offers advanced sales education to help professionals increase their career opportunities while showcasing their talent on the job market. 

Victory Lap gives students the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in tech sales, builds the confidence they need to succeed in their future careers, and helps place them into jobs upon completion. While it's not a traditional staffing firm, Victory Lap connects ambitious students with a partner network of hiring companies. 

Areas of Hiring Focus

Victory Lap focuses on the field of sales, with courses to help interested individuals learn about what it takes to have a career in sales and what skills they need. Their team also offers sales training for sales organizations to help upskill representatives and increase company ROI.


Victory Lap is located at 515 North State Street 14th floor, Chicago, IL 60654.


  • Specific focus on building sales teams
  • Training team provides sales teams a training program
  • One annual fee for unlimited hiring

3. Hirewell

Hirewell is a recruitment agency located in the Chicago area that helps connect people to careers across the world. They use advanced software tools and a future-focused approach to hiring that helps deliver better hires to companies. 

Areas of Hiring Focus

Hirewell has a few areas of hiring focus, the most significant of which is technology — a rapidly growing field. Hirewell also specializes in connecting people to jobs in HR, marketing, sales, finance, and accounting roles. Hirewell can also help connect people with real estate, supply chain, and insurance positions.


The Hirewell headquarters is located at 625 West Adams Street 19th floor, Chicago, IL 60661.


  • Over 20 years of experience in connecting talent to companies
  • 10+ areas of hiring expertise
  • Connections with top companies across the globe

4. Culture Fit

Culture Fit is a staffing agency located in Chicago that helps recruit for IT roles. For over two decades, Culture Fit has helped professionals find the IT careers best suited to their skill sets while helping businesses fill their roles quickly and efficiently. 

Areas of Hiring Focus

Culture Fit specializes in IT hiring for all information technology roles, with a specific approach to hiring candidates that match each company's unique culture.


Culture Fit has locations across the United States, including its headquarters in the Chicago area at 318 West Adams Street #1705, Chicago, IL 60606.


  • Connections with nationwide teams for major corporations like Apple and Grainger
  • Dozens of awards and recognitions for their strong leadership in IT hiring

5. Robert Half Talent Solutions

Robert Half Talent Solutions is a staffing and recruiting expert company within the Metro Chicago region. No matter where you are located in the city, they are ready to help you connect with the right candidates for your business's open roles. 

Robert Half Talent Solutions has been in operation for many years and has access to millions of candidates with some of the most diverse talent pools in the region. With decades of placement experience, Robert Half provides personalized service for most staffing needs, from part-time employees to full-time professionals. 

Areas of Hiring Focus

Robert Half Talent Solutions offers recruitment candidates for a wide array of industries but specializes in a few key areas. They focus on placing Chicago job seekers in finance and accounting roles, like accounts payable clerks, senior accountants, and controllers. However, they also work with administrative and customer support teams to provide reps, administrative assistants, and office managers to businesses in the Chicago area. 

Additionally, Robert Half can help businesses find marketing and creative candidates for roles like graphics and web design or copywriters, as well as legal professionals like paralegals and file clerks.


Robert Half Talent Solutions has one Chicago proper location at 205 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 3301, Chicago, IL, 60601. However, they also have several offices in the greater Chicago region, including Orland Park, Warrenville, and Northbrook. 


  • A talent pool of millions
  • High-volume placing capabilities for candidates
  • Years of experience operating in the Chicago area
  • Strong reputation

Looking To Hire Top Candidates? Try Hunt Club Today

Finding the right staffing service is an important component of the hiring process. With the right support for your hiring initiatives, you can find the best candidates without putting undue stress on your internal teams.

No matter what type of business you are, from a fast-growing startup to a major global enterprise, filling your next job opening is easier with the help of a staffing company.

At Hunt Club, we specialize in finding the best candidates for executive and professional roles. If you want to add someone to your senior or C-suite teams, partner with Hunt Club to hire the best talent today!

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