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The World Has Changed. Has Your Talent Partner?

Nick Cromydas
2 min read

Hiring in this environment is tough. 

Every day, you hear or read a different piece of news sharing stories about the hiring market challenges like “The Great Resignation” or “The Great Rehiring,” of remote work becoming a full-time reality, employee burnout leading to talent churn, how employer values are being realigned post-Covid, and much more. 

Startups, private tech, and tech-enabled businesses have raised exorbitant amounts of capital this year, amassing war chests to deploy against hiring and growth. In the first three quarters of 2021, a record-breaking $454 billion has been invested, making this the most complicated and competitive hiring market the world has ever seen.  

Fortune 500 companies were flipped upside down by not investing fast enough in their digital transformation and are now aggressively hiring digital talent to make up for the shortcomings. 

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and many more of the world’s most cash-rich companies have a license to “hunt and hire anywhere,” as they’ve loosened their virtual work guidelines.  Talent now has an opportunity to work at some of the largest tech companies in the world in a city that isn’t San Francisco or New York.  This is a major opportunity and a major disruptor for the hiring industry. 

For the first time in the history of talent, start-ups, mid-size and enterprise businesses are now courting and aggressively trying to hire the same group of talent - and it’s a mess. Candidates are interviewing with upwards of four companies at once, negotiating comp packages higher, and asking for special considerations with work flexibility. We’ve never seen a hiring market like this. Solving this problem requires a different approach.

Our Series A

When we started Hunt Club, the goal was always simple.  Create a better search model at the intersection of technology, people, and network effects.  Our technology helps create a better (and much faster) customer and candidate experience.  By leveraging an expert network model around referrals, our customers can activate the best-trusted talent anywhere - versus having to rely on the finite network of one recruiter in a geographic region.

That goal hasn’t changed.  

By closing our Series A, we’ll be able to unlock the next evolution of this vision even faster, with a wonderful partner at Teamworthy Ventures. Stephen Schmalhofer and Thomas D. Lehrman will be joining our Board. Teamworthy, like Hunt Club, cares deeply about building world-class teams and we are honored and excited to partner on our endeavor to revolutionize the hiring experience. 

Talent Turned Upside Down

Even though the talent world has been flipped upside down nearly overnight, the high-end recruiting industry has not changed much - still operating off the same legacy systems.  It still relies on people to power every single part of its process.  It relies on the same social networks. 

To win in this talent environment, you need to be faster.  You need to be smarter.  You need to be able to access both established and new networks more effectively than ever before. 

We owe and will continue to owe it to our customers and partners, to make sure that our technology and team continue to move at the pace necessary to help them win. We align our business model like the model of the customers we serve - continually investing in innovation to help the fastest-growing companies in business secure the best talent in the world. 

In today and tomorrow’s world of digital and business - it’s table stakes. 

If your talent partner isn’t pushing the boundaries of what's capable in their own business today, then they won’t be able to win for you in the war for talent tomorrow.  

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