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Hunt Club & Parentaly Partner to Help Companies Adopt Equitable Parental Leave

Morgan Lichtenstein
2 min read

Employees and employers have long tried to follow an unwritten playbook when it comes to parental leave policies. But resources to effectively build equitable programs that support the changing needs of parents - and those of fast growing organizations, are missing from the equation. Despite companies making a massive investment in their people, this approach of “policy without program” leads to employees who are unnecessarily stressed by the lack of process, inconsistent guidance, and potential career disruption or regression. And as a result, the employer endures decreased productivity, business disruption, and costly attrition. 

With nearly 11 million open jobs, the labor market has never been more in favor of candidates, giving them the upper hand in choosing companies and roles that align with their values, interests, and lifestyles. This shift has put a major emphasis on competitive benefit packages, including strong parental leave policies that attract and retain top talent. While maternity leave laws vary by state, states with paid maternity leave policies have had a 20% reduction in female employees leaving their jobs after the birth of a child.

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Parentaly, a rapidly growing startup is focused on reducing this friction, offering effective step-by-step strategies and standardized programs to help employers and their employees successfully ensure business continuity. 

In alignment with our mission to help the fastest-growing companies build world-class teams, Hunt Club is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Parentaly, to further support and address the challenges facing both employees and employers today.


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By joining forces, our organizations will help companies attract and retain talent through actionable initiatives, such as more thoughtful parental leave programs. More than 30% of Hunt Club’s customers have asked for ideas on differentiated parental leave solutions, and through this partnership, Hunt Club’s customers will gain direct access to Parentaly, driving the adoption of parental leave programs that meet the expectations of families across the U.S.  “At our core, we are transforming what is normally considered a ‘disruptive’ event, into a powerful moment for both the business and the careers of the working parent,” says Allison Whalen, co-founder and CEO of Parentaly.


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Parentaly is Helping Companies Improve the Entire Experience of Parental Leave 

The Parentaly program is a benefit offering designed to help expecting parents prepare for, take and return from parental leave; minimizing the stress and potential career regression for the employee and helping reduce the attrition risk and decrease in productivity for the employer. Our program includes comprehensive pre-leave planning and return to work resources (checklists, templates, modules and best practices - all crowdsourced by hundreds of working parents) which are woven into a 1:1 or group coaching program. 


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Filling an Important Gap in the Employee and Employer Playbook

Demand for Parentaly is skyrocketing, and they are currently working with many of the biggest brands in tech and consumer such as Zoom, Best Buy, Snap, Ro, Handshake, Alma, Hunt Club, and a list of other premier organizations. As more and more companies follow suit, prioritizing the essential need for better parental leave programs, Parentaly also announces today their $1.4 million Seed Round to increasingly provide a scalable solution to support the entire ecosystem.   

Read the full press release here to learn more about this essential need and its impact on attracting and retaining top talent.  

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