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Case Study

How Bellhops Used Hunt Club to Hire a CFO

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Case Study

How Bellhops Used Hunt Club to Hire a CFO

The Challenge

Bellhops, a tech-driven moving services business and one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, needed an experienced chief financial officer in Chattanooga, TN to shape its strategic direction, growth, and performance.

Bellhops needed a seasoned professional with fundraising experience, and a track record of guiding early-stage startups. In other words, a hands-on leader ready to dive-in, fast.

The Solution

With its expert-driven network of 10,000 business leaders, Hunt Club quickly produced 15 candidates with the experience and grit Bellhops needed, and came vetted by top executives within the network.

With a credible and trusted referral attached to an already impressive resume, Hunt Club worked to show the leading candidate that while he was living in Chicago, Bellhops's HQ was where he needed to be.

After several visits to Chattanooga, it became clear to the candidate that Bellhops was the place for him.

Experts Leveraged

Referrals Generated

Candidates Introduced

Money Saved

Compared to traditional search


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