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Case Study

A-LIGN Uses Hunt Club's Expert Network to Hire Their CMO

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Case Study

A-LIGN Uses Hunt Club's Expert Network to Hire Their CMO

A-LIGN is a leading cybersecurity and compliance firm, specializing in helping companies navigate the scope and complexity of the organization’s specific needs. A-LIGN offers comprehensive expertise and consulting for the leading standards of compliance objectives.

The Challenge

A-LIGN was struggling to fill marketing specific roles, such as product marketing, digital, and their CMO role. They have an internal recruiting team and have used external recruiters, but still couldn’t find the quality of candidates they were looking for, specifically for their CMO role.  A-LIGN decided to engage with Hunt Club based on Hunt Club’s success in executive-level search as well as the relationship they began to build with Hunt Club. It has changed their recruiting strategy ever since.

The Solution

Hunt Club kicked off the CMO role hitting the ground running due to the relationship already built with Hunt Club’s Co-founder & CEO. We were able to leverage a high number of CMO candidates both from our expert network and candidate platform so we were way ahead of the game.

Hunt Club quickly leveraged several expert referrals to begin sourcing candidates and narrowed the funnel down to the 5 very best candidates to present to A-LIGN. A-LIGN interviewed all five and hired one of them as their CMO. A-LIGN was thrilled with Hunt Club’s process- from the level and quality of the candidates to the efficiency and level of service given to the role. 

“This was the first time I could step back from the process and allow Hunt Club to handle everything from sourcing and screening to the salary negotiations and final offer. We placed a tremendous CMO and we wouldn’t have found this candidate without Hunt Club” - Scott Price, CEO, A-LIGN

Experts Leveraged

Referrals Generated

Candidates Introduced

Time to Close

40 days

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