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Case Study

A-LIGN Uses Hunt Club's Expert Network to Hire Their CMO

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Case Study

A-LIGN Uses Hunt Club's Expert Network to Hire Their CMO

About A-LIGN

A-LIGN is a SaaS-driven cybersecurity firm that specializes in compliance, assessment, and audit services for companies of every size and industry.

A-LIGN's Goal

A-LIGN believes extraordinary people and innovative technology can create something incredible. They wanted to see this belief reflected in their CMO. Despite efforts by their own talent acquisition team and the use of external recruiters, they still hadn’t found the perfect fit. A-LIGN reached out to Hunt Club to increase the quality of candidates and to find a CMO who could take their brand to the next level.

Hunt Club's Solution

Hunt Club quickly leveraged multiple Expert referrals and narrowed the playing field down to the 5 most qualified people to lead A-LIGN’s Marketing team.
A-LIGN interviewed all 5 recommendations and hired one of them as their new CMO. A-LIGN was thrilled with Hunt Club’s process–from quality and experience of the candidates to the efficiency and level of attention given to the role.

“This was the first time I could step back from the process and allow Hunt Club to handle everything from sourcing and screening to the salary negotiations and final offer. We placed a tremendous CMO and we wouldn’t have found this candidate without Hunt Club” - Scott Price, CEO, A-LIGN

Experts Leveraged

Referrals Generated

Candidates Introduced

Time to Close

40 days

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