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The Hiring Standards You Should Adopt in 2023

Morgan Lichtenstein
2 min read

In 2023, experts are expecting upwards of 33% of professionals will seek out a new job, greatly expanding the talent pool. 

As your organization scales, it must rely on new methods of sourcing and recruiting in order to attract and retain bullseye candidates.

Below, we provide you with 4 trending hiring standards all organizations should follow to keep up with an evolving market and attract the very best talent.


1. Write Inclusive Job Descriptions

Attracting and retaining top talent begins with inclusive job descriptions that empower every qualified candidate to apply. Even the language a company uses when writing a job description can influence who applies for the open role. 

For example, words such as “assertive” and “determined” can be seen as masculine and may deter non-male-identifying candidates from applying. A simple shift to words such as “interpersonal,” “collaborative,” and “dependable” can speak to a more diverse and qualified candidate pool.

Inclusive job descriptions also demonstrate that your company isn’t just looking to hire carbon copies of their top employees, but rather people with different backgrounds and ideas to help promote collaboration and innovation.

Furthermore, studies show that productivity and innovation rates increase when organizations grow their teams with diversity in mind. 


2. Weigh Soft Skills and Technical Skills Equally

While technical skills can be taught on the job, soft skills are an amalgamation of personality, goals, and on-site experience. For example, characteristics such as humility and confidence can be nurtured, but they can’t always be taught like technical skills can.

Let’s say a candidate approaches an interview with the confidence to share their ideas for how the company can improve a current system while also possessing the humility to listen and absorb feedback. 

These are positive signs that the candidate likely has the soft skills that will allow them to later take initiative in the role and facilitate growth

Soft skills such as initiative, teamwork, and mentorship can be equally important as technical skills and should be weighed equally when you’re sourcing and interviewing candidates.


3. Cultivate a Diverse Talent Pool 

Creativity and innovation are often the results of a concerted effort between multiple team members—all of whom come with different perspectives on a product or service. 

This starts with sourcing from a diverse talent pool. When you hire from a diverse talent pool, you help equip your organization with the ingenuity to boost its performance.  

Building a workplace comprised of different work styles, aspirations, inclinations, and backgrounds begins with reducing hiring biases and making a conscious effort to expand your talent pool. 

One way you can do this is by partnering with DEIB experts. 

DEIB experts can help lead trainings for your recruiting team, define hiring practices around inclusivity, and build teams from a place of open understanding and allyship

Building a team with diversity in mind helps set a welcoming tone, garnering a sense of belonging and community amongst current and future employees. 


4. Use the Power of Network Recruiting

Companies should always be looking to revamp how they recruit talent—and network recruiting is positioned to be a top trend for years to come. 

To find and hire ideal candidates, companies can reach beyond their own network, meeting with professionals outside of their inner circle but who are referred by colleagues. 

Network recruiting can also be achieved by partnering with organizations that have built extensive talent networks, connecting thousands of qualified candidates with coveted roles


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