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Our Story

Hunt Club was founded in 2014 to build the largest talent network and help companies land the best talent through the power of relationships. Our technology engages industry leaders nationwide to secure candidate referrals, ultimately connecting clients with highly sought-after talent and filling open positions- fast. 


Relationships create moments of opportunity for candidates and companies. With that in mind, we set out to create something different. Hunt Club leverages technology to unlock the best, connected professionals.

Hunt Club is the first to successfully modernize recruitment and search, transforming an industry stuck in the past by developing new, highly qualified talent pools. 

We’ve created a curated network of experts who know great talent and enjoy introducing companies with solid opportunities to people in their network. 

We call them Experts.


Imagine if you could deploy hundreds of Chief Technology Officers to search for your next technology hire or highly regarded VPs of Marketing to source a digital marketer. That's reality with Hunt Club. The proprietary technology searches the networks of 10,000 industry leaders to mine for the most qualified talent, and we tap those leaders to refer their top connections directly to open positions. 

We put the power of placement in the hands of those who intimately understand the role & have the network to find the best person.



Helping companies grow through trusted relationships



Creating the best hiring experience through technology and the largest talent network.

Nick Cromydas

Co-Founder & CEO

Scott Kacyn

Co-Founder & CTO

Sami Ahmed

Co-Founder & Executive Search Leader

Stephanie Tysdal


Zain Jeddy

VP of Pipeline Platform

Patrick Shields

Director of Operations

Tim Welch

Vice President, Engineering

Jeff Sternberg

Managing Director, Partnerships

Doug Karasek

Director of Finance & Operations

Ashley Triestram

Director, Expert Network