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How to Post a Job on Indeed (+ a better idea)

Kristin Bachman
5 min read

Indeed is one of the most common ways companies post jobs - and candidates look for open roles. With a little time and effort, you can create a job posting for your open position and publish it on the platform.

In case you’re new to Indeed, we’re going to show you how to post a job on Indeed, equip you with a handful of helpful posting tips, and even offer a potentially game-changing alternative to posting on the platform yourself.

What is Indeed?

Indeed is a job search engine that connects millions of people to employment opportunities all over the world.

For job seekers, Indeed is a place where they can upload their resumes, search for employment opportunities, apply for those opportunities, and communicate with potential employers.

For businesses, Indeed is a place where they can create and post job openings, gain access to a large talent pool, and source the right candidates for their open positions.

Can I post a job on Indeed for free?

Indeed is a highly valuable service for both job seekers and employers, but what are the costs that come with using the service?

The good news is that Indeed is mostly free. Both job seekers and businesses can create accounts, upload their resumes, create their job posts and browse the platform—all at no charge.

But for those who are looking to get the most out of Indeed, there are paid options as well. Indeed offers pay-pay-click (PPC) campaigns, also known as “sponsored” jobs, which allow companies to boost the visibility of their job postings.

The price for this service falls between $.10 and $5 per click, and you can set a budget for as little as $5 per day—hardly a large fee for potentially getting the right candidate through your doors.

With this method, there are no upfront costs. What’s more, PPC campaigns can be paused, stopped, or resumed at any time, keeping you in full control of your PPC budget.

How to post a job on Indeed

Ready to post your job on Indeed? While the process is fairly straightforward, be sure to complete each of the following steps to create a successful job post:

Visit Indeed’s employer home page

After arriving at Indeed’s home page, you’ll need to make your way over to the “Employer/Post Job” page. This tab can be found on the right-hand side of the main page’s header.

Create your employer account

Next, you’ll need to create an employer account for your business. Click the “Sign In” button and scroll down until you find the option to create an account. Fill out the required fields, which will include an email address and a password.

Set up the job details for your open position

With your employer account created, you can go ahead and start setting up the details for your very first job post. Make sure to include important details in your post—from the job title to your company location to salary and more.

Fill out the job description for the position

Now it’s time to tackle the job description for your post. Use this box to provide the potential candidate with all of the information needed to determine whether or not they should apply. Some of this information might include:

  • Position summary
  • Responsibilities
  • Requirements
  • Schedule
  • Position information
  • Company information

Crafting a strong job description is crucial, as this is the meat of your job post. You’ll need to make sure it’s clear, rich in detail, and engaging for the applicant. Be sure to format it in a way that breaks up the information and keeps it readable. Save any additional details, as well as applicant qualifications, for the following sections.

Create screener questions to verify candidates

Under the “Applicant qualifications” tab, you can add parameters, such as years of experience and a minimum level of education. You’re also able to add custom screening questions. Screening questions will allow you to verify your applicants and gain insight into your potential candidates.

Publish your job posting

Now comes the easiest step of the process—hit “publish!” Of course, you’ll want to review your post and double-check all of the information before making your post live.

Just as you might pass over an applicant whose resume is riddled with mistakes, candidates might pass on a job post that has errors. Indeed will then review your job post, a process that is generally completed within 24 hours.

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Posting a job confidentially

There are times when you might want to keep your post confidential. Perhaps it’s because you’re looking to replace a current employee and don’t want them to know of your plans to move on.

In any case, Indeed allows you to post your job confidentially. To do this, select the “Need to post confidentially” option on the “Getting Started” page.

What if I don’t have a set salary or don’t want to reveal it?

Many employers either don’t have a set salary or don’t want to reveal it in their job descriptions. With Indeed, you can post your job description without mentioning the position’s salary at all.

But keep in mind that Indeed suggests that applicants prefer salary details on job listings. Not providing these details in your job description could cause you to miss out on top candidates.

If you’re not sure how to handle salary information, at the very least, consider providing a salary range. This can be as specific or as broad as you feel comfortable with, but it will give applicants a rough idea of what to expect in terms of compensation—making them more inclined to apply for the position and seek additional details.

Ways to make the most out of your Indeed job posting

If you’re ready to post your next job opening on Indeed, here are a few keys to making the most of your post:

Give your job post a clear title

If you want your job post to not only attract talented applicants but also attract the most qualified candidates for the job, make sure you craft your job title to be as clear and relevant as possible.

A good practice is to limit your title to only words that serve a purpose. Cut out words that wouldn’t help attract the type of candidate you’re targeting.

Sponsor your post with a PPC campaign

While posting on Indeed will help you reach a candidate pool, it’s likely that many top candidates on Indeed won’t see your job post organically. With an average of 10 new posts added per second, you’re forced to compete with posts from thousands of businesses worldwide.

You can boost your post’s visibility and attract more candidates through a PPC campaign. Of course, you’ll need to pay for every added click on your post, but as long as your post includes a clear title and description, you should be able to earn valuable clicks.

Link your post to your careers page

Luring the perfect candidate to your organization is two-fold. Of course, you have to wade through dozens and dozens of applicants to find the one you feel is the best fit for your company.

But you also need to persuade the perfect candidate to say “yes” to your organization. If they have other job offers or opportunities to consider, you need to position your business as the most attractive destination for them.

One way to help sell candidates on your business is to link your Indeed job posting to the careers page on your website. If they follow this link, candidates will unlock more information about your company and get a better feel for the type of organization they would be joining.

Share your post on social media

With more than 250 million unique visitors each month, Indeed will put your job posting in front of plenty of candidates. But to extend your reach even further, share your job post across all social media platforms.

Whether you post to your business’s pages or your personal pages is up to you, but the more you can increase the visibility of your Indeed job post, the better.

Or here’s a better idea: use a recruiter

Not fond of sinking funds into sponsored posts and sorting through applicants? By working directly with a recruiter, you can avoid the headache and gain access to top talent.

A recruiter’s role may vary from one scenario to the next. Depending on your hiring needs and level of involvement, they can take care of the entire front end of the hiring process, streamlining tasks such as reviewing resumes, screening applicants, and scheduling interviews.

Not to mention, recruiters are able to handle these tasks more efficiently than the average hiring manager. Recruiters use their expertise and experience to not only attract better candidates but also identify the best cultural fits for your organization.

Take your search beyond Indeed with a professional recruiting firm

When you partner with a recruiting agency, you’ll leave your Indeed job posting to those with vast expertise and years of experience on the platform.

By sourcing candidates from not only Indeed but also other job boards, career sites, social media networks, and our networks, you will improve your hiring process and widen your talent pool.

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