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Professional Search

Better teams are built with better leaders

From an early stage go-to-market guru to a seasoned legacy architect, the right professional talent is essential for realizing growth. Fill key middle management roles with Hunt Club.

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Hunt Club Executive Search

Talent is your company’s single greatest asset, and by far its most complex

The best companies are made up of mission-driven conscientious leaders who mentor and motivate downstream. Our method simplifies the professional recruiting process by connecting you with market’s best talent to fill your candidate pool.

We built our own technology that gives you access to 5 million candidates referred from our network of 10,000+ subject matter experts.

Centering our Hiring Strategy Around DEIB

Our team is committed to helping you build the best professional teams. Studies show the most productive, happy, and successful teams are built from diverse talent pools. Hunt Club’s talent consultants connect your company with world-class professional talent from a variety of backgrounds to promote diversity in thought and action.

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Professional Search Roles Hunt Club Specializes In

Director of Growth Senior Marketing Manager  Marketing Manager
Director of Marketing Senior Sales Manager Sales Manager
Director of Sales Senior Product Manager Product Manager
Director of Product Senior HR Manager Operations Manager
Director of Operations Senior Operations Manager IT Manager
Director of Revenue Senior Project Manager People Manager

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Chief Executive Officer
Chief Data Officer
VP of Experience
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Operating Officer
VP of Growth Marketing
Chief Financial Officer
Head of People
VP of Data
Chief Development Officer
Head of Technology
VP of Marketing
Chief Revenue Officer
SVP Marketing
VP of Revenue
Chief Product Officer
General Manager
VP of People Ops

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Customer Testimonials

"Hunt Club helped me land a world-class CRO for Terminus in under 50 days. When it comes to finding top tier SaaS talent, I've partnered with Hunt Club for the past three years, and they always exceed the mark."

Tim Kopp, CEO

"We landed a rockstar CTO in 20 days, all because of Hunt Club. We wouldn’t have found our candidate or any of the candidates they presented on our own. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Hunt Club.”

Mick Connors, Founder & CEO

"We're moving fast, growing big and shaking up an industry. Hunt Club is willing to partner deeper, care more and deliver. We trust them to deliver our most valuable asset - our people."

Yakir Gola, Founder

"The world of talent is changing and we needed a partner that understands the future needs of game-changing companies. We're excited to grow the relationship with Hunt Club to power our current portfolio and other organizations into the future."

Sabrina Kelly, VP of Talent

"White glove support combined with strong technology have enabled us to quickly and efficiently evaluate – and hire – very talented people. The team is incredibly responsive, available 24×7, and has taken the time to understand our business and the job roles within our business."

Adam Weber, Former CMO

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