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Why Talent is the #1 Priority for CEOs Today [Hired.com Podcast]

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December 10, 2021Executive Search Podcast

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Every company has had to change how they do business.  Whether adopting remote work or transforming an existing business model to be more digitally accepting, behavior changes post-COVID have accelerated innovation.  In order to keep up, CEOs and investors are quickly prioritizing the need to invest in HR tech and talent leaders to drive innovation and change.  

In a recent Talk Talent to Me podcast episode on Hired.com, Rob Stevenson talks with Nick Cromydas, CEO of Hunt Club about this shift in mindset and how tapping into a network of connected leaders can help companies find amazing talent.   

Tune in to learn: 

  • Why talent has become the #1 priority for CEOs today
  • The power of trusted introductions in a world where candidates are in the driver’s seat
  • The value of investing in HR Tech and top-tier talent leaders 
  • How executive search partners can offer creative value beyond talent
  • What makes a great recruiter 


Listen to the podcast: 



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