Product Product Manager

Chicago, Remote


Why Hunt Club? 

When it comes to hiring the best people, relationships are everything. Hunt Club helps companies scale by leveraging trusted relationships through service and technology. 

We help companies find the best high-level talent by utilizing our proprietary technology that transforms thousands of subject matter experts into the world’s most powerful network along with arming our partners with a talent strategy team that is committed to delivering the best recruiting experience for everyone.

What We’re Looking For

Hunt Club is looking for a strategic and self-motivated Principal Product Manager to join the product department and drive customer outcomes to meet business objectives. The ideal candidate is someone with a mix of strong problem-solving and communication skills with a customer-first mindset. This is a highly entrepreneurial role and will require a leader who is business-minded with the ability to clearly and effectively collaborate and communicate across the organization. 

Our culture embraces the “beautiful mess” and empowers our team to focus on what truly matters. This is the team for you if:

  • You believe that small teams of highly capable people build the best products.
  • You think success is not a roadmap or straight line, rather it's a landscape to navigate.
  • You understand that process cannot compensate for talent gaps or lack of leadership.
  • You follow the idea that great technology is defined just as much by what it does not do as by what it does.
  • Must have one creative hobby that you have shown dedication to.
  • You know what good looks like and can communicate it.

What You’ll Do

  • Own a customer experience within our product and drive the growth of that customer base. 
  • Leverage prior go-to-market experience and learnings to help accelerate our team.
  • Be a key player on our outcomes-oriented team in our race to product market fit.
  • Be a thought partner and leader with Engineering, Design, and business teams to drive forward the company strategy and craft the ongoing product strategy.
  • Identify and validate key customer problems that unlock new growth opportunities for our business.
  • Advocate and demonstrate that continuous learning and experimentation are the appropriate way to build products while avoiding edge-case syndrome.
  • Partner with Design to drive the overall user experience of the product and ensure that our UX does not suffer from the way our teams are organized.
  • Dig into customer and market research to distill relevant data and insights about our customers and the macro environment.
  • Have a deep understanding of the business and makes strategic product decisions that impact the company's trajectory.
  • Manage an effective balance of just enough of a solution while avoiding the pitfalls of perfection.
  • Contribute to and nurture a culture of entrepreneurial product managers and product-minded engineers.

Our Always Care Values

  • We take pride in our work
  • We elevate others
  • We figure it out together
  • We ask "why"?
  • We do what's right

Who You Are (Requirements)

  • You know what it means to be customer-centric and embrace customers over stakeholders.
  • You have high agency and can make things happen.
  • You are vision sensitive and can share examples of outcomes where you followed a vision.
  • You respect the value creation process and are able to embrace the mess (“Don't tell the artist how to hold the brush”)
  • You embrace agile behaviors over the agile process.
  • You have the desire to experiment on how we can get better and are willing to tinker with how we operate as much as you would with the product.
  • You are hungry, curious, and willing to try anything.
  • You have strong problem-framing and solving skills, meaning you’re able to find the “right question” to answer.
  • You have a high bar and demand excellent results.
  • You have at least 3 previous roles within Product or other customer-facing positions. 
  • You have successfully brought a product to market in a previous role.
  • You have failed before in past startup roles or have similar learning experiences you can share.


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