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Stop guessing on talent.

Hire using proven Experts and their networks.

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Hunt Club Expert

David Berkowitz

Marketing Leader | Founder of AI Marketers Guild, FOAF.pro & Serial Marketers


Hunt Club is a new type of search firm that seamlessly integrates service, tech, and network effects to help companies find visionary talent and build stronger teams. 

As an Expert in the Hunt Club community, I am thrilled to extend my expertise and experience to the Hunt Club community. Some of the areas I can be helpful:

  • Define what a great marketing leader looks like 
  • Leverage my network for candidate introductions
  • Advise on your Fractional CxO hiring strategy 
  • Help screen and assess candidates

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About David Berkowitz   

David Berkowitz is a seasoned marketing leader with a robust background in building and scaling innovative teams across tech companies and agencies. As the principal of Serial Marketer, he generates demand for technology firms and agencies while fostering a thriving community of marketing professionals. With extensive experience in strategic marketing, content creation, and community building, David is dedicated to connecting marketers and driving growth through collaboration and innovation.

  • Currently serving as a fractional CMO at Athena Solutions and Thece, helping to build out marketing strategies and teams.
  • Founder of AI Marketers Guild and Serial Marketers, a community of over 4,000 members, providing valuable networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities.
  • Founder of FOAF.pro, a unique network for fractional CXO roles, providing flexible, high-level executive guidance.
  • B2B Corporate Marketing Leader, specializing in communications, content, and strategy, with a focus on entrepreneurial roles within fast-moving organizations.
  • Leadership Roles in Tech and Agencies, leading teams at Mediaocean, Sysomos, Storyhunter, 360i (through Dentsu acquisition), MRY (part of Publicis Groupe), and iCrossing.
  • Advisor to world-class brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Estee Lauder, and Visa. Contributed over 600 columns to major publications and spoken at 400+ events globally.

Who are Hunt Club Experts?

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Hunt Club Experts are well-connected industry leaders, executives, and high performers who refer people in their network for positions with Hunt Club client organizations.

The Expert Network represents a wide range of industries and functions. Experts are among the top minds in their fields, including visionary marketing executives, first-rate technology leaders, and more.

Hunt Club vs. Traditional Recruiting Models

Imagine if thousands of top business leaders could introduce you to and help you hire your next high-impact executive or individual contributor. Hunt Club is a new type of search firm that makes this possible through a powerful combination of network effects, AI matching technology, and recruiters with industry expertise.

Hunt Club's Model


  25,000+ Well-Connected Industry Experts  

Our Expert Community connects and refers us to top candidates in their inner circle for open roles. And thanks to our technology, we can do it at scale.


   Warm Introductions = 55% Higher Response Rate

A trusted introduction from a well-respected peer makes all the difference and cuts through the noise, resulting in more successful outreach.


   Tech-Driven Search Platform

Our Search Platform leverages matching technology to identify bullseye candidates and automates recruiting tasks to hire 6-8x faster.


   Recruiting Specialists With Functional Expertise

Hunt Club recruiters are equipped with the deep industry knowledge, market insights, and functional expertise it takes to find the best candidates.

Traditional Recruiting Models


   A Single Recruiter's Book of Business

In the world of talent, it comes down to who you know. Why limit your talent pipeline to a single recruiter's phonebook?


   Cold Calls & Unopened Emails

In today's competitive world, cold calls go unanswered and traditional recruiting emails gather dust in an inbox, failing to reach the talent you need.


  The Old Rolodex

Time is of the essence in the race for top talent. Manual recruiting processes and outdated contact info hold back a growing company.


  Recruiting Generalists

You are looking for exceptional, one-of-a-kind talent with specialized skill sets. Your recruiters shouldn't be any different. 

Hunt Club is Trusted by Top Companies


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1000s of roles placed for thousands of the world's most successful companies


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • SVP of Revenue
  • SVP of Engineering
  • VP of Marketing
  • VP of People
  • VP of Product
  • VP of Branding
  • VP of Finance
  • Director of Sales
  • Director of Product Design
  • Director of Growth Marketing
  • Director of HR/People
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Expert Story

A referral from a respected peer makes all the difference

Meet Lindsay Knight, Partner at Chicago Ventures. She’s a Hunt Club Expert who has made over 50 introductions to contacts in her network. Learn how her relationship with a seasoned HR leader in Chicago helped him land his next exciting role at a high-growth startup.


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